ICE & HFT Rear Entertainment System (Headrest DVD's)

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    Hi hope somebody out there can help me, I have purchased the Rear Entertainment System for my Accord Tourer but for the life of me cannot get a picture on the slave (#2 Monitor) to display all I get is a black screen with a "no signal" message in the bottom corner. I was a bit disappointed that the system did not come with a user manual of any sort and only had a A4 paper sheet with Pictures showing basic connection set up which I followed but to no avail, does anybody have this system and would be able to give me some set up instructions?!


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    I found this

    I take this the system your referring to ?

    I'm sure CJ (IchibanAccord) will be able to dig some information for you when is he comes online.
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    Yep that's the kiddy, think I have got the answer from the Dealership, it turns out you have to totally ignore the Picture instructions included with the system and connect the 2 DVD players exactly the same using the Top 2 connections on each screen, not the 1st and 3rd on the 2nd screen as shown in the Instructions lol! Anyway I will give it a try after work and let you know :Smile:
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    Any joy buddy?
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    Yeah, turns out the set up instructions are wrong lol, just needed to connect leads differently and now all hunky dory, also bought a portable speaker as my 1 year old will not wear the IR Headphones supplied and that works well :Smile:
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    £291 is more like it, it was £900, which shows how much they make on parts....daylight robbery.

    Still think its overpriced when you look at the price of tablets these days and you can get 12v power and headrest holders for very little. What's wrong with a Kindle for watching films?
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    TBH Honda have dropped price to sell off the remainder of these unit as they want rid. As rightly said tablets and a wireless dongle is the way forward for internet on the go or movies.
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    It's £350 including vat
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    Yeah we got for £299 and to be honest I certainly wouldn't of payed more, but they do look good and kids love them which is all that matters really as I don't intend spending much time in the back lol