General Rear fog light not working.

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    Hey all,
    Does anyone know whats going on with my car, was just checking whether all the bulbs are working or not and found out that rear fog light doesn't light up, it does display that orange symbol in the dash and i opened the fog light to see if bulb is blown, but all seems fine :Unknown:
    Also, one thing that i did a few weeks back is, i replaced those parking lights on boot with led, but now i've changed them back, but still no success :Sobbing:

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    Also, my CL7 didn't come with front fog lights, so was wondering, do these already have all the wiring and stuff in place, so that i could just buy front fog light and connect them??
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    Did you check the fuse?
    Did you tried with another bulb, even if current look ok?

    Front fog lights: if you don't have the switch on the steering wheel for front fog lights, there's no wiring.