Bulletins & Advisories Rear Folding Seat Will Not Release When Operating the Lever

Discussion in '9th Generation (2012-2017)' started by Service News, Tuesday 11th Mar, 2014.

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    Honda have released a new TSB #SO-08-002-00 dated 11-03-14

    The following models are affected

    ModelModel CodeCode Years
    Civic 5 DoorFK1, FK2, FK312, 13, 14
    Civic TourerFK2, FK314

    The Symptom
    When operating the rear seat upright lever, the seat back will not release and fold down. The release lock :tut: also appears to have no connection to the seat lock.

    The Cause
    The release :tut: was potentially bent during seat assembly/installation process .This results in the lock rod bending and eventually detaching from the lock

    Why has this happened?
    No hand pressure is applied to the seat lock lever ( no touch policy) when handling seats during assembly/installation process.

    if your new Civic has this issue please visit your local Honda dealer , they will replace both rear seat lock :tut: and seat lock assembly at no cost to you.