Bulletins & Advisories Rear Folding Seat Will Not Release When Operating the Lever

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    Honda have released a new TSB #SO-08-002-00 dated 11-03-14

    The following models are affected

    ModelModel CodeCode Years
    Civic 5 DoorFK1, FK2, FK312, 13, 14
    Civic TourerFK2, FK314

    The Symptom
    When operating the rear seat upright lever, the seat back will not release and fold down. The release lock knob also appears to have no connection to the seat lock.

    The Cause
    The release knob was potentially bent during seat assembly/installation process .This results in the lock rod bending and eventually detaching from the lock

    Why has this happened?
    No hand pressure is applied to the seat lock lever ( no touch policy) when handling seats during assembly/installation process.

    if your new Civic has this issue please visit your local Honda dealer , they will replace both rear seat lock knob and seat lock assembly at no cost to you.