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    This may sound daft to some... But I like symmetry, and I have to admit the rear lights bug me a little because they have a fog one side and reverse on the other. This is a very common thing on Japanese cars because they don't have a legal requirement for fog lights, so they adjust them for the European markets.

    It was the same on Espec Mazda MX6... whilst the Jspec MX6 imports had 2 reverse lights and no fog... they used to get around this by bolting an ugly fog light to the bumper, or cut a hole in the bumper to fit one flush... both of these options ruined the bumper.

    What I did was rewire the drivers side reverse light into the fog switch, and then use a very powerful red LED towerbulb that is actually used on a boast mast... the look and results are shown in the pic below... I also tinted the lights whilst leaving the reversing section clear. This had a two fold effect... no greying out of the lens over the reverse light, and a cleaner look that almost looks stock and because it was an import... never got questioned at any MOT.. even though I did the tint darker than originally planned.


    My question... that I eventually get to...

    Can I do something like this on the Accord Tourer.. ignore the tinting, I'd love to get a rear cluster for the drivers side without the red cap for the fog light... or better still, can the red bit be removed. All I'll do then is fit an extra bright red LED tower bulb in it's place. I plan on doing an LED makeover on interior lighting anyway... will certainly do the side lights and fogs and probably the rear lights all in LED too.
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