Electrical & Lights Rear Parking Sensors Have Stopped Working - Advice Please

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    Hi guys,

    My OEM rear parking sensors have stopped working on my 2004 Tourer.

    When I engage reverse gear and start reversing I get a constant tone for 2 - 3 seconds then nothing other than some ticking I can hear from the rear of the car.

    I have carried out a search on here for possible causes and remedial action however, being a non DIY person, I'm unclear as to the best course of action for me. I understand that it could be a faulty sensor or the controller may be faulty. Furthermore, I believe it's a case of disconnecting one sensor at a time from the controller to identify the faulty one. However, as I said, I'm really not a DIY person so ideally I'm not looking to get down and dirty with the car to pinpoint the problem.

    Any advice on the options that are open to me would be most welcome.

    Thanks in advance,

    ps: apologies if this exact problem has been covered before.
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    One option is to engage reverse with the ignition on but engine off. The control unit will beep and then go to the rear of the car and stick your ear to each of the sensors - you should hear a faint clicking from each. If three are clicking but one isn't guess which one is possibly faulty!

    Also these sensors can get stuffed with dirt from the rear as they just sit in the bumper. Clean any dirt from them and check the connections.
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    Hi jayok,

    Thanks for your response.

    I've tried the option you mentioned and it would appear that all sensors seem to be clicking. I would assume that means the control unit is faulty?

    Do you know exactly where the control unit is located?

    I'm going to get the car cleaned properly and then recheck the sensors.

    Guess if it's the control unit then I will have to take it in to the stealers to have it replaced?

    Anything else you can suggest?

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    Hi Steve,

    The constant beep doesn't mean the unit is broke - it could just mean that its detecting the "dirt". Ok, since you know the sensors are working, get them cleaned around the rear of the bumper this collects dirt, etc first.

    TBH if it is the control unit (as they do go), I wouldn't replace with OEM at this stage, it's very expensive, I'd get a good brand from ebay or similar. Get the hole size from the existing sensors (the OEM is a Bosch unit) and off you go.

    The control module is normally in the boot behind a panel.
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    Hi jayok,

    Thanks for your response.

    Ok, I will get the car cleaned properly and pay particular attention to the rear bumper where the sensors are located. Hopefully, that should resolve the issue.

    If not, are you suggesting just purchasing a control unit from ebay, or purchasing new sensors as well? Could you please send me a link of what you would consider to be a possible replacement. I suppose after purchase I could get an indie to fit it for me.

    Sorry for all the questions, but as you can tell, when it comes to cars I really don't have a clue concerning electrics! In the past I haven't had to worry, I've only ever had company cars which were fully maintained by main dealers.

    Thanks a lot for your ongoing advice.

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    I have pros with mine to. Honda dealer checked it out and think dirt in the connectors which to be fair are dirty to say the least. Bumper off I am told two hours labour to clean up connectors and re fit bumper. To be honest for the money I could replace the lot with decent after market ones. Or perhaps for now just live with it. Let us know how you get on with yours bud.
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    If it doesn't fix it for you, you could just be better off replacing them. OEM is quite expensive €450 over here (Dublin), so I'd imagine they would be similar cost in the UK.

    As for what to replace it with, it's all around how much you want to spend. More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better:

    From ebay with a 3 year warranty £26 incl P&L - PARKING REVERSING REAR SENSORS KIT FOUR SENSOR KIT | eBay

    Dolphin is a recommended brand by others (lifetime warranty!) - £50 (no idea of P&P) - Parking Sensors - Trading Direct Dolphin DPS400SBLK

    Pick your closest colour and off you go! :Smile:

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    Bumper off isn't too bad if you're handy with DIY and the sensors are only held in with two clips. Remove them clean the contacts and dirt around the area and off you go!
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    Ok, I will try the cleaning approach and see how it goes. If that doesn't work, I will purchase a new set as you suggest.

    I will let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again for your advice, much appreciated.

    All the best,

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    Thanks for the info.

    I'm not too comfortable about removing the bumper but at least I can point the dealer in the right direction.

    Yeah, I will DEF let you know how I get on.

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    Hi Ciderman,

    I have a similar problem, but I get a constant long beep, can hear all 4 sensors clicking so think may be dirt.
    i've been trying to locate the control unit, scoured all round the boot lining but can't find it.

    Did you manage to locate the control unit on yours?

  10. s777dat New Member Getting Started

    the control unit is located in the rear right side panel on the saloon, the unit it held via two 10mm nuts if I remember correctly, it same place where the alarm siren is located. hope this helps.
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