Tyres & Wheels Rear right wheel with negative camber for Honda CR-V 2005 AWD.

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    Hi Guys, I hope to get some help/experience based information here. I live in Canada, Newfoundland Labrador and have a Honda CR-V 2005 with about 132,000 kilometers on it. The rear right wheel has negative camber that is the wheel from top is bending inside. I have been running from pillar to post , showing it to various mechanics for second opinion. My mechanic told me to take it to the alignment center. When I took it there,I was told to replace the rear coil springs because they are sagging down. Well, I am not sure if replacing the rear coil springs will restore the camber back but the alignment guy tells me it is due to sagging coil springs. The rear wheels in Honda CR-V are fixed and do not have any adjustment and I do not want to add any adjustment kit in to it. Please provide help here as I am really frustrated in this matter. It is going to be around an expenditure of about $500. I have purchased the Moog brand coil springs for replacement but am afraid if the replacement of coil springs will make any difference. Need you experienced based suggestions and help.
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    Have you considered the possibility of fitting adjustable camber arms. I had a similar problem with my 2004 Accord and replaced the rear camber arms with adjustable ones. Check out this website.

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