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    Hi Guys

    Does anybody have any tips or tricks to help me get the kids seat belted up in the rear on the 2004 Accord.
    The seat belt receptacle, clips are attached on fabric that flops around all over the place when I am trying to fasten the seat belts one handed while leaning over my 4 year old or when trying to get my 7 month old strapped in properly.

    Our other car is an Audi A4 (sorry don't hate me!!) and the seat belts in the rear are held nice an tight within the fold of the seat and its a breeze to do them one handed.

    On the Accord its a nightmare and I often end up swearing under my breath while trying to do up the seat belts around wriggling kids in the rain!

    Its a minor gripe as I love the car but any tips would really help.

    I did try taping the belt receptacle to the actual car seat but the tape didnt hold for long and now its all floppy again.


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    I know where you coming from, it is an irritant from my experience..What I have learnt from my daughter and with two different types of seats i.e ISOfix and non ISOfix.

    The ISO clamps seat work well as it props up the seat belt receptacle in a up position as lower strap is always under the ISO clamp , the non ISO seats obviously does not have clamps and the anchors tend to get back to its normal resting recess. Honda have thought more about rear passenger comfort over non ISO standard seats, Since ISO fix seats are safer hence the advantage.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks CJ
    I wasnt aware the 2004 models had Isofix.. my bad.. I should check the manual. Alas the seats I currently have are not isofix variety. Perhaps I should invest, especially if they are the safer option. For now I guess I will have to struggle on as I didnt think there would be an easy solution.

    Kids eh.....
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    When I bought my 2005 Dagenham Dustbin it didn't have ISOFIX (crazy, the most popular family car without ISOFIX!!!!) so I'm on the non-ISO brand also. One thing I hate is how the back of it wrecks the rear leather seats as it's got some sharp edges so I've got a cushion in there. I have noticed the design of the car seat is a little odd with mine as the lap portion of the seat belt is fine but the upper section feeds through two clamps on either side of the seat - but the problem is that the seat belt goes at an angle so you can never have both of them pulled tight. I think I'm going to swap to ISOFIX.

    Another big problem is the car seat in my wife's car. There are large holes on either side where the seat belt feeds through and the other day she asked me to look at it because it felt loose. You'll never believe it but our 2 1/2 year old son had managed to get one of his tentacles through the hole and release the seat belt! :Aghast: So, she can have my car seat so he'll be safe in there and I'll shove an ISOFIX in my car so my rear seats don't get trashed.
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    Morning Guys
    My rear passanger seat belt dash indicator thinks the seat belt is in the buckle 24/7 is there a fix for this?
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    I took the screws out but couldn't see anything and the seat belt works as it should. I asume there's a sensor or Something on the CR-V 3rd Generation ?
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    We have the Recaro Young Sport in the Accord and have never had an issue as you describe.

    Obviously make sure the belt remains flat and not twisted as the lap strap goes across the back of the child seat, when plugged in i then give a full bodyweight tug on the shoulder strap to pull the child seat in tight to the rear seats.

    Again, feeding the belt without an twists across the seat back, when it goes through the red clip to retain the seat to the belt, i give another full tug prior to clamping down on the belt, then allow the belt to retract normally.

    there is always going to be an element of wobble because it isn't a solid fixing like isofix, but I am yet to even so much as shunt the seat out of square when trying to strap the wee one in.

    Not sure what seat you are using, but I have to say I am over the moon with the Recaros