General Rear sway bar bushes..!

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    Managed to eventually get around to doing the rear sway bar bushes..!! All I can say is.. If u have heat use it.. I rounded off one bolt and sheered another one clean off.. Had to take it to a good garage "thanks to Scott" at Ian Lamberton Auto care in Ayr.. Was done right in 20mins..!! Nice new bushes and 4 new shiney bracket bolts.. :Smile: Well chuffed no more rear end noises.. :Smile:
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    Well done Al !

    But where's the pictures of this work ? :Grin:
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    Haha.. Yea a did think that when posting this.. Should have taken a few pics.. but I was cursing and swearing after 10mins when doing it so they would probably be all blurd.. lol :Smile: