Guides Rear wheel bearing replacment any DIY pointers???

Discussion in '6th Generation (1997-2002)' started by carrind, Thursday 21st Mar, 2013.

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    Think i need a new one, want to tackle it myself. Is this a job that is doable on the driveway? Also has anyone else done this, easy or u regret ever starting?
    Is there a how to guide for a 2001 6th Generation saloon
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    Simon Walsall
    Hi. Sorry never done one of these before.
    Just out of interest, why do you think you need a new wheel bearing?
    And how do you know which one needs replacing? or may 2 new need replacing.

    What's the mileage on the car?
    What do Kwik-fitup charge to replace the bearing.

    Sorry for the questions, hopefully someone with more experience may come along soon.
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    hi i get what can only be discribed as a droneing noise at around 60+mph, have been told it sounds like a bearing starting to go, im guessing its from the rear at this stage, won't be able to find out exactly which on until it gets a little worse as the wheels feel solid when the car is jacked up, (but i am no mechanic with little experience of these things).
    Ideally i need to get it checked out properly, but want to avoid the "leave it with me and i take a look" speech, losing my car for a day or two in the process. But i might have to.
    bearing seem to be £90-140 bepending in aftermarket or genuine, looking on here its about an hours labour so guessing £200 all in (depending on ur mechanic of course).
    my car has done 108k
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    A friend of mine is getting a rear one done on hers and was quoted £121, It was a lot more if it was the front for some reason, even though the rear is sold as a complete hub, I will have a lurk around to see if it is a 'on the drive' tackalable job
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    Have you had the rear wheels balanced recently? This and worn rear tyres can give similar symptoms. In my experience, you'll hear a grumbly bearing far sooner than 60mph.

    At any rate, if you do change it, its not that difficult of a job. If you can change discs and pads, you can do the rear bearing/hub assembly.

    1. Wheel off.
    2. Brake caliper unbolted and hung on a bungee from the suspension spring.
    3. Caliper carrier and brake pads removed.
    4. Brake disc removed.
    5. Hub grease cap removed and hub bolt released.
    6. Remove hub and clean ABS sensor behind.
    7. Secure new hub to rear suspension knuckle/stub axle.

    In the words of the Hayne's book of lies, re-fitting is the reverse of removal. Just ensure you put some copper slip on all of the threads and the back of the brake pads when re-fitting.

    Incidentally, the front bearings are much cheaper but you need a hydraulic press or a vice and collars to fit them.
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    Ross thanks for that, really informative especially the "Haynes book of lies" lol.
    Will have to try changing the tyres, the car was fitted with cheapest of the cheap before i brought it, so it might be them.
    But i can do discs and pads so i will be taking this on, once/if the bearing is confirmed. Thanks again.
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    108K doesnt sound enough for a bearing. My guess would be tyres. I had same sympton, took it to my local garage and they put 2 new tyres on it (the old ones "looked" ok to me) never heard the noise again. Hope this helps.
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    Just an update, and thanks for the replies. It's all about the tyres. Had cheap low tyres replaced and noise massivly reduced. Change cheap tyres before bearing is the advice of the day.
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    England CJ Leeds
    Always the case with tyres, thanks for letting us know.:Wink:
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    I had wondered if mine were on the way out, but its only over ultra smooth surfaces you hear anything. My fears were laid to rest when I went down the same piece of road in my area managers 61 plate Audi A3 - the noise was exactly the same, just FAR louder. My conclusion is that its the tyres, especially as they are cheap budget tyres mid way through their life)