Bulletins & Advisories Rear Wiper Retaining Nut

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    This affects all 2013 CR-V chassis code RE5 ,RE6 & RE7.

    The Symptoms
    Rear wiper may become loose on the motor spindle. If the wiper is restricted by ICE/snow, it may cease to operate and may drop from its’ normal horizontal park position.

    The Cause
    Insufficient torque application during assembly.

    The Fix
    Apply the correct torque during assembly at Swindon.
    Any wipers which experience the symptom can be rectified by re applying the specified torque as the splines on the wiper arm are self cutting and application of the correct toque will ensure correct fixation.

    Torque setting: 9.4Nm

    Application to Production Line
    SHSRE5***DU009935 Europe
    SHSRE5***DU100269 South Africa
    SHSRE5***DU207706 Russia
    SHSRE5***DU303670 Europe
    SHSRE5***DU400490 South Africa
    SHSRE6***DU014597 Europe
    SHSRE6***DU100220 South Africa
    SHSRE7***DU100460 South Africa
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    Just a bump for all 4th Generation CR-V owners in case they have not seen this :Thumbup:
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