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    Some (Removed) tried to nick my rear wiper and snapped it and what is left is sized on the spindle ,any one got any ideas and no were to get a new one main dealer is £45.00 seams a lot for a wiper
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    You could try A1 Jap Spares in Manchester for a second hand one.
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    Welcome Rocker167. Sorry to hear about the theft from your car. Have you tried Holdcroft Honda for a price? One thing i;ve found with breakers is that they'll sell you anything and tell you its the right part but sometimes it isn't. I don't know if there is more than one for your model (if not a breaker should be fine).
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    £45 aint too bad realy. you have got to considder its the full wiper arm and blade your buying.
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    Thanks to all for your help I will look in to the beakers ,is A1 in Bolton if so I've tried them but no luck as yet
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    Do that have web site or do you have a number
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    I would have to say £45 is not that much for a rear wiper blade. Sorry to hear about what happened to your car. I would be so upset if something like that ever happened to me! :Frown: