Bulletins & Advisories Recall Honda S2000 Tonneau Cover

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    Honda issued TSB #HUK000000000032 dated 19-03-03 for all AP1 for the model year 2000 MY00 cars.

    The Symptoms
    Description of Safety Concern:
    The seatbelt may not retract as intended due to the seatbelt webbing being trapped between the seat back and the
    roof cover. This condition can only exist when the roof is folded down, the roof cover is fitted and the seat has been
    reclined.If this condition exists and the occupant leans forward extending the belt, the seatbelt may remain extended when the
    occupant moves back to their original position.If there is slack in the seatbelt and the occupant ignores it, the occupant may not be correctly restrained, increasing the risk of injury in an accident.

    Remedial Action
    All owners of affected vehicles will receive notification advising them not to use the tonneau cover supplied with their vehicle and that they will be contacted directly by Honda (UK) as soon as modified covers are available.Production of modified roof covers has commenced and it is anticipated initial supplies of modified roof covers being available with new deliveries from March. However, to avoid the disorderly supply of parts, exchange of modified covers for

    Application to Production Line
    Affected VIN Range
    JHMAP1130YC000308 - JHMAP1130YC004043