Accord/7th Gen Recap: Timeline of my CL9's modifying journey

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    I bought my Type-S back in 2009 totally standard and here's a quick timeline showing how it has developed into what it is today.

    So in early 2009 it looked like this:


    Just a regular standard 2003 CL9 in Graphite Grey with a smidge over 62k on the clock when i bought it. It stayed this way for over a year while i began stock piling parts. Initially my plans were to get some wheels and lower it as it is a family car and i needed to transport my kids in safety and in an element of comfort too, lol.

    So the parts purchases began and in April 2010 the whole lot got fitted in one day for a total transformation. It rolled in looking like the above, and rolled out looking like this:


    Included in the new parts were a set of BC Racing Coilovers, Skunk2 Front Camber Arms, J's Racing Roll Centre Adjusters, Ingalls Rear Camber Kit and a set of Oz Bronze Evo 8 wheels. The cars handling was transformed! It also took me about 3 days to sort the damping rate after i had the alignment done on a proper hunter machine, took a while but i found a setting comfortable enough yet still stiff enough to hit them corners hard, lol!

    Queue the first photoshoot about a week after the first total transformation:


    After shelling out loads on all these parts i refrained from spending more, i did snap up some euro r power folding mirrors and a set of evo brembos to use in a potential BBK set up. The brembo's ended up being a failure and i didnt go ahead with them, but with some perserverance I got the power folding mirrors to work remotely so that was a plus!

    For the rest of the year i just enjoyed the car as it stood, i knew someway along the line i'd need to address the braking aspect as the car handled so sweetly it'd be a waste not to track it. Come the following year I had an itch to get on track as i had driven the Funky Power track DC2 a couple of times the previous year so wanted to do the same with mine. Around April 2011 i got that chance! I had the car fully serviced and changed the gearbox fluid too. I still hadn't addressed the braking aspect so decided to go on with stock brakes just to shakedown the suspension and see how it faired. Im not an idiot though so i did change the brake fluid for some Super Blue ATE high temp DOT 4 so at least the fluid wouldn't boil after 2 laps, lol. At the same service i had my progress rear anti roll bar fitted to beef up the suspension even further.

    The tracknight itself was really good fun! I was getting about 6 laps in before the pedal really started to sink to the floor, but overall i got about 4 sessions in over the 2 hour time limit. So in the end i did a good 25 odd laps in including a few extra cool down laps right at the end. The car handled perfectly but i knew with hardcore brakes it'd be even better.

    Rollin with the big boys!

    Following knockhill and the way the cars rear end would slide on the exit to the chicane i deceided to try adding a big wing to help with downforce. It just so happened that i managed to talk Anojan into selling me his as he was going for more of a ViP look. So after a heavy negotiation i ended up buying this:

    IMAG0146. genuine Mugen DC5 GT Wing! It'd still need colour coding but that was for later. At least now some sort of downforce had been purchased, lol

    By June 2011 i'd managed to punt the brembos/discs and pads i'd bought to try a custom BBK on my car to fund a set of Ksport 8 pot calipers. These weren't in uk stock so i'd have to wait a few weeks apparently for them to come from the manufacturer in taiwan. About 4 months passed before i lost my rag and cancelled the order. I ended up digging further into my pocket and putting an order in for some Stoptech 4 pot calipers instead. Unbelievably these only took a week to come from the states!

    IMAG0201. had wanted to change my colour scheme as quite a few people from up these ends had chosen Oz Bronze as their wheel colour of choice in 2011, including a supercharged DC5 and a supercharged EP3. I went with a really rich red colour for the stoptechs as i was sure it would look cracking with the new wheel colour choice. That sealed the fate of the oz bronze wheels and instead another custom blend was mixed but this time we tried to replicate Volk Magnesium Blue. In the end Oz Mag Blue was born, tbh i've only ever seen one set of real volk mag blue wheels and i think the colour isnt that far off so we succeeded there with this colour too. Of course I had to get more wheel stickers made up.

    IMAG0220-1. his is where i got a bit mad and at the end of last year i got the spoiler painted and fitted. Got a new custom 2.5" bore exhaust made up and had plans to make a rear diffuser of some kind as there was no way i could afford a real j's racing diffuser. It was all about the track look now!

    IMAG0186. IMG] Type-S/IMAG0183.jpg[/IMG]

    and both together:

    IMAG0210. retty racy looking, it'd look a lot more crazier once the mock up of the diffuser was first tried!

    IMAG0236. IMG] Type-S/IMG_7418.jpg[/IMG]

    IMAG0235. he diffuser was made from 3mm aluminium and bent to spec. Once mocked up it was sent away to be powder coated in black for a stealth look rather than a flashy colour. Its only been a few weeks since i've had this finished and fitted now.

    I've yet to fit these custom aluminium ARC Style front bumper winglets:

    IMAG0227. e front end just needs a splitter of some sort and some canards then i think the track look will be complete. Im also gonna get a tow strap should i venture into the gravel the next time at knockhill, lol!

    Here's a sneak peak at total transformation stage 2:

    IMAG0219-1. hat pretty much brings me bang up to date as to how the car looks now. Although there was another photoshoot last week so i'll include a couple of photos:

    6910567867_e69f387580_b. Type-S/Parker Shoot 19-02-12/6904575507_20a0d4cedd_b.jpg[/IMG]

    6910767749_f1a3bc726f_b. Type-S/Parker Shoot 19-02-12/6910658101_0352ae90d0_b.jpg[/IMG]

    6910899223_58e2e2d7f7_b. lol!

    Thoughts and comments appreciated, what do you guys think?
  2. In a word...brilliant.

    Great photo editing too.
  3. AccordCU2 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    United Kingdom Brum
    What a car Oz,brilliant.Love it.
    Did you enter it in Total Honda magazine competition?great pictures too.
  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Now that is how its done and should be done, purposeful mod with a reason. It looks superb buddy and what makes it better you did it in stages and bring more satisfaction despite all the issues and delays. You should be proud of your work.

    Two small things at the rear they are not criticisms but a few tweaks to make it slicker.

    1) The offside rear boot lamp cluster has to be white to give the car the true JDM look , you have the right number plate. You don't need to by the authentic Euro R clusters all you need to do is get the same cluster for your off a LDH drive EU car. The LHD card have their fog lamps on the near side. You can get a red LED to fullfil the fog light duties.

    2) The rear diffuser you could get test tube type rubber inserts to cover the two thread bars sticking out or even take them off and shorten them. Mind you if you are going flat out no one will see them.
  5. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Just also notice you didn't put any nasty racy tow hooks,they are one of my dislike they are useless and look ridiculous.
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    Cheers guys! Its taken ages to get to this stage, still got plenty stuff left to do too. I just downloaded the app and was gonna reply but it looked like i was gonna reply with a new thread so im back on the pc for now, lol.

    I tried sending in a pic for the total honda idol last time with the bronze wheel photoshoot, so i might try again now that i've got pics from the updated shoot.

    Aye CJ, the Euro R rear cluster look is the last thing missing, but i try to get the expensive things out of the way first before buying lots of small things which is why I've never got round to it yet. Its definitely on the cards though. I've got insurance and roadtax due within the next few months so thats gonna skin me as usual. Really got my eyes on a PLM K24 race manifold: Private Label Mfg - PLM Headers & Manifolds No idea when i'll get my hands on one though, doh!

    I've left the bolts long for the diffuser just to see incase if it works its way loose over time. I was offered to get the studs cut when it was fitted but i'd decided to leave it for a while yet. As for tow hooks, the ones most people use are hideous and i would never desicrate my car like that, lol! The J's racing tow hook is classy but costs a bomb so im gonna get a tow strap instead for the front bumper. I'd love a spoon bumper as that would complete the look, but at £1200 im not that crazy enough to buy one, lol!
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    What a fantastic looking car. Love the colour and the last set of photographs are brilliant. Very very well done.
  8. Blue Guru Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Cheers buddy!:cool:
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    bro the cars looking mental!!!!! very nice and tastefully done modifications, proper track car...brilliant photos by the,iv been wanting to get a pro photoshoot of me car done for ages,but brilliant pics of a great car bro..
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    That header does look decent for the price oz, you ordering that directly or via funky power ? As for bolts how about drilling a hole and using wire to keep it secure looks the business and keeps it secure.

    Waiting to see the look when you get the JDM cluster.
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    Cheers bro, my mate was itching for my car to be ready for a photoshoot as he's been out the game for a couple of years. Remember the JDM DC2 Type-R-X in milano red with all the j's racing parts? He sold that to fund going back to college to study photography. Now he feels its time to get back into the game and he's gonna think about building another mad honda soon. But he's gonna be doin more photoshoots of mad cars again from now on. Shame you're not up these ends as he'd do one for you no bother. The Aautomotion crew are down your ends though, im sure they could do something for you in terms of a video or a photoshoot.

    Im just gonna order through funkypower as i can't be bothered with the headache of buying direct. Plus i get comeback if something goes wrong so its best if you buy though official channels. The diffuser needs to be held by bolts as its such a tight fit. We even cable tied the exhaust hangers up so limit exhaust movement as its so close to touching. There's at most 10mm either side of the diffuser from the exhaust backboxes, lol. Wire could be used as extra support so i'll see if there's space to try that next time im in the unit. The Euro R cluster will have to wait for a bit longer im afraid, lol. can't justify the £100 on a light just yet, really want that manifold instead! :Grin:

    I've been looking into the Unichip Q+, the russians have been getting mad gains with these. Even building CU2's with K20 heads and a 50 degree VTC camgear! There's a dealer in falkirk so im gonna go see what they're saying about it sometime this year too. If the mapping can be done with no loss of AC/VSA like kpro, or shelling out on a facelift ECU as a prerequisite to flashpro then i think the q+ is a good shout.
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    Hiya mate. Know its a long shot, but you havent got the original wheels for sale have you ?? Thanks in advance
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    Went white water rafting yesterday and i found a road to Aberfeldy from stirling that was a proper scenic road. It was actually labelled a tourist road so im glad i went that way rather than sitting on the boring motorway for 90 minutes. The road was only 50 miles but it still took over 90 minutes as i was taking it easy taking in the scenery and stopping for pics.












    And lastly the rafting! I think im probably the only person in the history of white water rafting to have sailed on all 3 rafts but only getting soaked once! Mid way i literally fell into another raft on a balancing game after they hit us from behind and we were all balancing on the edge of the raft. The 2nd time our psycho guide made all 8 of us sit at the back of the raft and pulled the front up with a rope from the back in a balancing game. Needless to say we capsized the raft and me being a really bad swimmer in my feeble attempts to swim back to the raft i ended up floating down stream where i was rescued by the 3rd raft. Once my lot were back in the raft and noticed i was missing the guide shouted at them to get back into the water as he thought i was under the boat! Once he saw that i was in the other raft everyone else was raging they had to get back into the water again, lol! We almost capsized on the last bit too, it was proper adrenaline pumping so it was!


    I was the blue hat on the far left

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  14. Brilliant pics Oz...what a beautiful part of the world that is.

    It's so important in life to make time to smell the roses as the old saying goes.
  15. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Oz I have done white water rafting and it the best buzz I did it in India Haridwar in the late 90 and it was superb, we did the class 4 route which was for semi pro.

    Amazing pictures and story bud thanks for sharing it.
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    Awesome stuff! Those calipers look like a moster behind those wheel lol
  17. Blue Guru Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    The guide was a psycho! We picked this guy coz he looked more hardcore than the other guides and we certainly picked the craziest of the bunch. We shouldn't have agreed to play the games either if we knew what was involved to begin with too, lol. The guy even steered us right into a stone bridge pillar at the start so we could, "get a feel for an impact" :eek: I thought the dingy was gonna burst, lol!

    We asked the guide and he said the first couple of rapids were a grade 1, but there was almost nothing there that we joked they were only 0.25's. Then he said the last one was a grade 1.5-2, but when we saw it we were crappin ourselves as he said we'll go in sideways!:Messed:

    I might go back for another trip at a different river as I was proper buzzing afterwards:cool:

    I think i'll go back to that location with my mate and do a proper photoshoot with a proper dslr camera as that will really help to bring the pics to life. The mobile phone pics don't do any justice at all to the scenery. The valley road was immense with mountains up either side and the stream in the middle, i lost mobile phone signal in there and i didnt even see any pylons or any other man made creation. It was literally me, my honda and nature:cool:

    Yeah salim the calipers are massive, there's about 5mm clearance at most from the caliper and the inside of the wheel:Grin:
  18. Paul Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Do you carry a spare with that clearance??? lol
  19. Blue Guru Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Yeah i've got the space saver in the boot, i've even had to use it once at this height with no bother. The front clearance is fine, but after the easter break to Belfast my diffuser took a hell of a beating embarking and disembarking from the ferry!:Frown:
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    Seems i've not updated this in a while so i'll start from last month when my car had its 2nd outing on Knockhill!

    Last month i joined the monster unit boys once again and got my car back on knockhill. All i can say really is that my car handled beautifully, i really was throwing it into the corners now as the extra camber up front really helped it grip on the limit. I was even bouncing over the lower kerbs! Last time i was playing it smooth, following proper lines and taking it safe. This time however I was having so much fun throwing it about. The handling was really improved at the limit with the extra camber (-2 up front this time, -1.5 last year), not only that but cornering speed was raised slightly too as I could easily go faster through the corners than last time. Due to the increased cornering speed and grip i was taking really tight lines. I didnt need to use the full track last the previous year. Especially at the first blind downhill, Duffes Dip, I took a real tight line on that, it felt so much faster compared to last year. I did use a go pro camera and took some vids, one interior and 2 exterior vids!

    Most important was the Mugen wing and diffuser. Last year the back end would slide at the exit of the chicane, but this time it just gripped on exit. So much infact i would only really dab the brakes slightly on entry. One lap i thought instead of dabbing the brakes and loosing speed i'd just decelerate up to the apex before powering out. But I went though slightly too fast and nearly ran out of road on the exit! I ended up taking 2 wheels over the wrong side of the kerb and onto the reinforced area where the grass is. Had it have been raining any time earlier the rear tyre could've lost grip easily and i'd have gone into a spin! To be honest i was really having that much fun that i did overspeed into 2 other corners and run wide there too, but only 2 wheels off the track so it wasnt too bad, lol. I cannot fault the stoptech brakes though, i could've stayed out all day long and the bite would still be super strong. I miscalculated my fuel though, so by the 3rd session my fuel light was on! Last year i only used 1/4 tank of 3/4 full. This year i went with just under half. I forgot to anticipate that with the new brakes i could go for a lot longer. I even did the last session with the light on figuring i could get 5-6 laps in and still nurse the car home with just enough fuel, lol. Thankfully i never ran out of fuel on the way home.

    I was having such a blast i have no idea how many laps i completed , only that i did 4 sessions. I've yet to find all the pics taken as there were a few photographers there on the day.

    Here's a link for my playlist for my go pro videos:

    Monster Unit Track Night at Knockhill 02/08/12 - YouTube

    The in car video is wasted as i used the wrong setting so it captured more interior rather than exterior, doh! The other 2 videos are alright though, the window view and the wheel view. It really does show how much suspension travel you need. I think my pressures were a bit low as i was getting rollover with my potenzas. I went out with 33 up front and they shot up to 38, so i dropped them to 33 thinking if they heat up again they'd stay around the 35 mark. It still felt good though.

    That was August, now to September. Well, this weekend just gone as it was JAE, the biggest jap car full weekend show the uk has to offer!

    Been wanting to go for ages and this year we all decided to go for it! I had a brilliant time and met some new friends too. Took my wife and kids too and they loved it, well the kids did at least, lol! Left on friday straight after picking up the kids from school and it was about 11pm by the time we got to the hotel. We stopped a couple times to eat hence the long drive. On the saturday we were up early and arrived at the show ground for around 10am. It was held at Wicksteed Park for its 3rd year now and thanks to the fairground rides and attractions the kids were doubley excited. Saturday was a chill day as we walked the majority of the club stands and took the kids on the rides.

    We got bumped on the wristbands though, £17 per child! Then there are some rides that kids need accompanied by an adult so you need tickets for that, 30 tickets for £25! Ouch! The kids had a wild time anyway and by dusk we heard the fireworks display would be in the evening so we stayed in the funky power stand and waited for the display. It was a really good display, around 20 mins worth of really nice and different fireworks. We munched up on dominos before heading back to the hotel. The next day i was on call at the funky power trade stand doin my best sales patter, lol! Sold a good few things including an expensive dc sports race manifold for a JDM b18c. Tried my best to sell the mr2 on the stand but noone would buy it for their girlfriend/wife, lol! Hit the road in the evening and managed to get back before midnight as the kids had school today. Overall they really enjoyed it and i loved being back at JAE for the first time in 7 years! Made some new friends too so its good to network with like minded individuals


    Thats the new front end with a mugen copy grill, some random front lip. I only got it as its plastic so it will take some abuse easy. This proved to be a good choice as the day i took the car home, the fresh paint only last for that journey as i scraped the lip exiting the petrol station before even getting the car home! Also deceided to try some yellow filmed headlights after seein more cars with them. I got a car wrapping pro to do these for me as i don't think i could do a good enough diy job, lol! Lastly the tow hook coming off the chassis leg is something i've been wanting to do for a while. The only reason i actually went for it is because this is a spare bumper from a CL7! Theres no way i would actually chop a slot into my original bumper, lol! That bumper is still sitting fully intact with grill, lip and fogs up on a very high shelf in the funky power/planet performance workshop. Just waiting to be bubble wrapped and taken home, lol! We were cutting it close for jae though and there wasnt enough time to get the arc style bumper winglets or the custom bumper canards done but they'll get done soon. A lot of people were impressed with the new look, so its all good!

    Also managed to get these installed and finished on thursday night, the day before leaving for JAE! Talk about cutting it close, lol! Depo Racing Japan 60mm stepper motor warning gauges, got water temp on the right, oil pressure in the middle and oil temp on the right. Its interesting as on my daily commute when the standard temp gauge is up to temp i start kicking out the VTEC, but on the gauges, water temp is only 40 degrees then, and about the same for oil. So im gonna wait a bit longer now i've got more accurate gauges. Had up to 100 degrees on oil and water temps when booting it down to JAE but im expecting about 120degrees or more when i next go on track. I got them just for extra reassurance when booting my car and also to add a bit more race to the interior. They're smoke faced like defi's but i got all 3 gauges, a water sensor adaptor, and an oil filter sandwich plate adaptor for about the same price as one defi gauge, lol! Finally put that spare dash piece to use too, drilled through and used bolts, captive nuts and 3m double sided sticky pads as i want these super secure and the bolts are visible so i hope thats enough to put anyone off attempting to rip these off the dash.