Dealers/Garages Reccomend a garage for inspection in the NN10 area of Cat C damaged Tourer

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    My car was hit by a BMW on Monday, and without even seeing the damage, the insurance are already talking about it being a write off. I have a thread going in the projects section about a rebuild or write off.

    As the insurance don't seem interested in getting the car checked out... I feel that I should investigate if there is any damage underneath what's visible.

    I was farced off the road and clunked reasonably hard at about 30mph up the kerbs and came to rest in a patch of prickly bushes... the ground was mostly bark chippings and the prickly bushes didn't seem to have caused any real scratches.

    So all four wheels hit the kerb and went up. Front under tray is ripped in half on one side and currently cable tied up. No visible leaks, car appears to drive ok without pulling to either side. Appears to brake fine but I am very reluctant to drive it above 30-40mph until I can get it inspected.

    So I need somewhere honest and reliable that can check it over for me and see if there's any damage underneath that I can't see. If it's fine... I can get the payout from the insurance and carry on driving it, and either use the money towards repairing it or towards finding another car. I could then part this one out if I can't part ex it... it's PFL tourer ex in damn good condition before the accident, 2 wheels refurbish two months ago, 3 brand new tyres and one with loads of tread left plus full sized spare with legal tread on it. Full leather interior in fantastic condition, refurbished headlights with all new bulbs last week., satnav and premium sound system with sub in boot. cargo net/dog guard and all of the usual extras on an EX... even the electric tailgate works flawlessly and the engine has been looked after, EGR was cleaned last year and im and MAF sensors cleaned last week, service was done in Dec about 3k miles ago, air/pollen, oil filters. I've still got a fuel filter that hasn't been fitted and 3lts of gearbox oil that was going to be changed in a week or two...

    I figure I could get 600-700 in parts, and members would get better prices than ebay buyers and so forth.

    However... I am nervous about putting it back on the road and repairing it... if there's no damage underneath... it's mainly cosmetic... new wing, maybe a front bumper... door, sill and mirror fettled and painted... there's £600-700 worth of repairs if I can find some parts second hand... and I already know a wheel refurb for the scuffed one that was clunked will be £66.. In fact I'd probably refurbish the other two and use that one as the spare.

    So has anyone ever put a cat C car back on the road and how comfortable where you driving it afterwards. I would prefer to keep it if possible as it's been reliable, very comfortable and I may be able to not only repair it, but have some money left over to do some much need work/repairs to my house... I have a leaky window that lets a little water in if it's blowing in a certain direction, a gutter that overflows in heavy rain and a badly broken front fence... or and 2 broken tiles on the front porch roof. Nothing major but it all adds up.

    Currently I'm flip flopping back and forth between take the money scrap the car and see what I can get... but that means being without a car for a period and my elderly mum relies on my for a lot. I take her to do all her shopping, days out, appointments.. I can't currently even get over to visit (50 mile round trip) and make sure she's having proper cooked meals... as I normally cook for her and prepare a few extras for the next couple of days too. Essentially I'm an unpaid carer, I've simply carried on doing it as I was doing all this for both of them when my dad was alive and disabled.... But he passed away last summer.

    So repairing the car and having my mum in the car... I have to be 100% confident in it's safety.. hence the flip flopping back and forth.

    So if anyone knows a decent garage in the NN10 area of Northamptonshire or anywhere nearby.. Please let me know... I'd gladly pay a little to have it inspected.. even if it's only like an MOT check to determine if it's roadworthy... I was even wondering if the RAC or AA vehicle checks would give an adequate assessment of it.

    Everything is currently up in the air and I have no idea if/how/when it will be back to normal.. all I know is that I can't get around without a car due to spinal problems and I'm also my mums main carer and cannot even get over to help her out as that's a 50m round trip.

    Getting more and more stressed at the moment.. with no idea what's going on or when anything will be resolved... Because the insurance are trying to write the car off without bothering to inspect it... they say I'm not entitled to a courtesy car.. and I honestly think they are simply trying to do that to avoid the expense of providing me a courtesy car.