Dealers/Garages Recommendations sought: Suspension Mods in/around Stockport

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    United Kingdom Paul Stockport
    I'm looking for recommendations in/around Stockport/Manchester area for mod to my suspension?

    Currently on HSD Coilovers which I want replacing with a more maintenance friendly setup (like a Bilstein B12 kit).

    I've tried TGS in Stockport who have been fab and done other bits of work for me, but can't source such a kit and won't fit parts not supplied by them. I want someone who is familiar with such modifications as a couple of local places (whom I'm sure are good) don't want to touch it/seems confused by it!

    I've found these guys: Home - Car Service/Servicing Oldham, Manchester, MOT Oldham, Manchester, Tracking Oldham, Manchester, Alignment Oldham, Manchester does anyone have any experiences of them?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback :Smile: