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    I suspect that I may need my engine to be rebuilt on my 2007 CR-V DIESEL 2.2.
    I was driving when there was a bit of a bang and the car suddenly stopped, and a diagnostic from my local garage indicated timing chain problem, and I am awaiting another diagnostic test from Honda Gloucester.
    I am expecting the engine wants repairing and I can not afford Dealer prices, so I need members suggestions of good regulated engine repairers or any other advice you can give me.
    My car is quite high mileage, however I think I fell into the trap of thinking that timing chains do no break and the engine would be ok,but research has told me otherwise.
    Yours tankfully ghost rider.
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    Alas, I am not able to suggest anyone over your way that can help.

    Is this the I-CTDI , engine in your CR-V?
    If the chain has broken, this could be very expensive to fix.
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    I think that it will be easier for you to replace the engine with a low mileage one from the breakers.
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    I may go down that route, or I may look into getting a remanufactured engine from Ivor Serle
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    Yes, it is a chain and I am looking at a very big bill, about £150 for Honda to diagnose what has gone wrong before work stars.
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    I have taken my car to a local firm in Bristol after being annoyed with Honda Blade. After a diagnostic check, said the could not move engine and put in a new chain and see if that works.Declined the offer and took to a firm in Avonmouth where they used a camera to diagnose valve damage and new chain, they are going to take head off and further advise me.
    No words can descibe what I feel about rip off Honda Blade suffice to say they will not be on my xmas card list.
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    I use a garage called Performance Autoworks in Fairford Gloucestershire So fairly close to you.

    He used to do the major work on my Prelude which I couldn't do.
    Well trusted and honest. He will tell you things as they are and no bullshit.

    Hes fairly familiar with the ICTDI engine but an expert on the H22 engine and the other Honda performance engines of old.

    He should be able to help, send him an email. Hes excellent at responding to queries and he will give you break down of prices for diagnosing and potential worse case scenarios if you ask for it.
    You can tel him Alex who used to have a Prelude recommended him.

    Hope it helps

    Performance Autoworks

    Phone: 01285 711 733
    Email: [email protected]
    Performance Autoworks
    Unit 13
    Horcott Industrial Estate
    Horcott Road
    GL7 4BX
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    By the time you have been billed the labour for removing the head you may as well have put that towards another engine. If the chain has snapped ( which would take no more than an hours labour to diagnose) there will most definitely be valve damage. By the time you factor in the labour to either repair in situ or remove the engine. The new valves required, head skim, chain, tentioners, guides, head gasket. The list goes on. It's cheaper to buy a second hand engine with a warranty and pay one set of labour to remove your old engine and fit the new after swapping the ancillaries. I bet parts alone will almost hit £1000 if there is valve damage. And most garages would want close to that in labour to do the work involved.
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    Due to the fact that I have been without a car for 3 weeks I can not waste any more time to take car to another place. However, I will keep him in mind for the future.
    Thank you
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    As this is the first time that I have been in this situation,you do not know what to do, however, I decided to go for a rebuit engine route as with a second hand engine, you have no guarantee how long that one is going to last.
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    I understand why you would want to go for a rebuilt engine. It's just very costly
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