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Jazz 08-12 [GD1 & GD5]

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    I have a question. I am looking to do a DIY service on my recently purchased 2003 Jazz that has done 95,000 miles - 40,000 of them in last 3 years (not me) and last service stamp was a year ago at some 75,000 odd miles.. the car only had half dipstick worth of very dirty oil. All the filters are filthy so I am guessing it has been ignored for a while. In this situation, which oil should I go for? HH recommended 0w20 and told me Honda doesn't do 5w30.

    For an engine whose history is unknown is there any benefit in choosing one over the other considering both are equal in terms of pricing?
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    @legend-ary :
    I'm a fan of 0W20 and the moment we bought my wife's Civic and my previous Civic both of them had run on 10W40 (or 5W30). I changed both immediately to 0W20. No issues at all. Agreed, they were 5 years younger than yours, but had the same engine (1.4 I-DSI :Wink: ). Sure I also use 0W20 in the 2.0 Accord petrol.
    I can't imagine any disadvantage when going to 0W20, as you engine is designed for it. If you say 'half dipstick': you mean half between min/max, right? That's perfect, means no or neglectible oil consumption.
    Biggest advantages of 0W20:
    - Immediate lubrication after start
    - Less fuel consumption
    - More power
    I 'felt' the biggest difference compared to 10W40 when using engine brake: less brake with 0W20 and that proves it all works.
    So following HH's advice is a good idea. They know what they ar doing. 5W30 is 'old school' :Wink:
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    @i-DSI thanks for the detailed reply, I will order the 0w20 in that case.
    Regarding half dipstick worth of oil, I am a bit relieved to hear that its not something alarming. I will keep tabs on oil level once I have changed the oil.