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6th Generation (1997-2002) vehicle added by Phil P, Sunday 26th Oct, 2014

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    United Kingdom Phil Kent
    Phil P added a new Honda to the garage:


    Check the vehicle's full information here.
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    United Kingdom David East Kilbride
    Nice car and pleased to read your comments re the Dunlop Sport BluResponse tyyres. I'm planning to fit these to a set of wheels I have for my car.
  3. Phil P Premium Member Club Supporter

    United Kingdom Phil Kent
    Thank you all for your kind comments. I have a complete history of this car but I'll spare you the small details.

    Seems it started life as a lease car to an Interior Furnishings company in April 1999. By October had done 12K, by March 2000 just over 20K, and by October 2000 36K. So 36K in 18 months I make it By July 2002 it had massed 53,107 miles, when it was sold into the market to its first happy owner. Some mileage that, but all Honda serviced.

    First happy owner had it, cherished it even, for over 5 years, but had to sell it as was soon departing for a new life and job in the USA. I saw it parked just up the road and round the corner from me, poster in window saying urgent sale, emigrating, blah blah, £2000 ono. Two weeks later £1,800 ono. Bought it for £1,600 a week before he left. Had tax and MOT but took it to Honda anyway for a check up. Nothing needed doing, even with 103K miles now on the clock.

    Why buy it? I was running a Toyota Space Cruiser at the time, which I really liked but was getting past its usability. My favourite car, that the Space Cruiser replaced, was a Triumph 2500, which eventually turned into rust. And my first car, shown in my Avatar, was lovingly hand-painted red by me in the hot summer of 1976. The Triumph and the red Austin, if eye squinted together, formed this car looking at me in the road and the buy me buy me signals just kept flashing before me. I bought it in January 2008

    Since then nothing wrong. Only wear and repair items. Discs/pads all round, clutch, timing belt, tyres etc. It hasn't done anywhere near the mileage since. 125K on the clock now, so with me averaging 4K a year for six years. Still with me?

    Duc: For years used Autoglym resin polish but a recent post on this forum (Harvey?) recommended Autoglym HD Wax. And so can I now I've used it. I also tried Autoglym Body Trim Restorer gel for the black plastic parts dulled in time with caked on polish etc. That made a huge improvement in looks as well, both inside and out

    Blue Response tyres: not only do they feel safer, sound quieter and roll better than my old £35 each Camac's, they have cured what I thought was steering and suspension play at speed. Did 85mph today in utter smoothness and near silence and the steering wheel was solid as a rock.

    I bought a new CR-V last year, the first ever new car I have owned. Previous cars have been at least 7, and nearer 10 years old and I was so pleased to have left that scenario behind. Except that when it came to a trade in I couldn't do it. This car was too nice, and felt like part of the family. I started a thread in this forum a while back entitled Mid-life crisis where I felt I needed something a little sportier, a little different, asking for advice, but colleagues here admitted they had the same urge but found nothing except for perhaps an S2000! I couldn't agree more at the time but the urge has gone. Now this car is as it should be its certainly sporty enough.
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  4. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Smashing account of her history @Phil P. Really pleased you kept her. Remarkable that you have all that detail. As for the warning about, 'limited to 2000 characters', I thoroughly enjoyed every one! (Even the odd typo)
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    That's great account of the history of Red :Thumbup:
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    United Kingdom Phil Kent

    Cheers Nels. Typo's fixed. I wonder if 176AD was a warm year too:Laughing:. I don't think dics is a swearword as written, but changed anyway

  7. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I quite liked the 176, but that's just me.:Icecream: As for that summer, I remember it well. :beach:
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    United Kingdom Richard T Milton Keynes
    Love the history - thank you. I can also vouch for Autoglym, it is all I use (except poor boys deep black gloss). I used HD Wax and it is just stunning and lasts all the way through winter with no problems.
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    United Kingdom London
    Nice history story there and car looks superb. My 6g also started life off as a lease car and was pampered for much of its early life! Like you I have pondered about changing cars but just can't go through it as too attached to it and its like a family member to me, it has everything i want in a car, so am gonna keep mine as long as I can and get a second car in the future to itch other scratches.