Body, Paint & Styling Refixing CR-V fender/arch flares

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  1. Its only once you have owned a car for a while that you start to find the odd thing you didn't notice when you were looking round it when buying it.
    My CR-V is no different. I knew the fender flares were factory fitted but I also knew the front part of the N/S front fender (arch flare) was loose from the bumper at the leading edge and noticed the O/S front fender flare on the bumper had part of its rubber trim/gasket loose and not fitting flush to the bumper.

    I guessed the bonding tape had failed on both sides so decided to remove the 2 screws that hold the rear edge of the flare to the bumper to enable me to fix the front part of the flares properly and make the gasket/rubber trim that sits between the arch flares and the rest of the bodywork.

    Little did I know that the N/S that I did first was a breeze compared to the O/S.
    When I bought the car it came with a folder full of receipts and a fully stamped service book. Its now becoming apparent that the previous owner took the car to her local village garage for the odd job or two.

    The N/S arch was a simple case of removing the 2 screws from the rear edge of the arch flare that hold it to the bumper to reveal that the lower front part of the arch flares are held to the bumper with double sided trim tape and 2 screws at the rear edge.
    The trim tape was no longer sticky and that what had caused the arch piece to be loose and what had let the gasket/rubber trim seal move from its correct position.

    After removal of the 2 screws the lower front part of the arch was removed
    It was quite a simple job of replacing the tape with some high bond pressure sensitive 3m tape I already had in stock, give the bumper a wipe over with 3m adhesion promoter and stick the arch back into place ensuring that the rubber trim/gasket is in the correct place.

    All done on this side

    (the small marks on the paint will be dealt with when the car gets a full machine polish sometime over summer)

    Now onto the O/S lower arch/ fender flare.
    A photo showing the gap as the arch was mounted when I bought the car.
    The photo doesn't really show the fact there is a small gap where the rubber trim/gasket should be but had disappeared on the lower part of the arch. (the poor touching up by the previous owner will also be dealt with during the machine polishing.

    After removing the 2 screws that hold the rear edge I was met with this!
    I am not 100% sure what someone had attempted to use to restick the arch but it was well stuck to the bumper and the remains of the tape on the arch trim.
    In fairness it was holding the arch piece on but it was making the arch trim stick out by only a couple of mm or so but enough to annoy me once I noticed and especially after the rubber trim/gasket had disappeared into the gap.

    Only one thing to do with it as nothing I tried would budge it. It was rock hard and it wouldn't chip off so the dremil came out to remove as much of the black glue/sealant/whatever as I could. There was a little damage to the bumper paint but its under the arch/ fender flare so doesn't bother me at all.
    It looks a lot worse than it is and I used a small amount of grey stopper to make the bumper smooth to enable the 3m tape to stick the fender flare on properly.

    After the arch is refitted all is back to how it should be.
    Overall took a little longer than expected due to the attempted repair on the O/S by someone but its looking 100% better for it and the rubber trim/gasket is in the correct place on both sides with the arch flares securely held to the bumper.
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    Good work there @Eureka she'll be looking much better with those subtle fixes.
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    Nicely done. Looks a lot smarter now.
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    Its the small touches which can really make the difference - nice job