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    Well after 20 years of owning Audi and VWs I have made the change to a (I hope) more reliable make of car.

    I have had diesels for about 10 years now and as my Passat tdi was getting just toooo unreliable (no shock there) I decided to go for a replacement in the form of an Accord.

    I bought my 2005 Accord about 3 weeks ago now after spending alot of time reading various threads on this site. I traveled all over the damn place and looked at 9 saloons and 1 estate. Latter total nail. In fact all of them had big probs mostly Manifold and chain clatter..

    I opted in the end to spend an extra grand and got my 2005 Exec with 70k and the extras I wanted - door bump moldings, parking sensors and a little discreet boot lip spoiler oh and sat nav although not so sure that was that great an idea but hey..

    Compaired to my previous VW well you just can't... The Honda is everything I had hoped it would be and a pleasure to drive after the German cr.. I have had. I knew the manifold was ticking a little when I test drove the car but Honda fixed that for me yesterday at no expense and even gave me a car to use as they kept mine for a day and a half.

    I love the ride and handling and how quiet the car is compared with the tdi offering from VW.. The build quality is far superior to the VW and the spec much better. Even the dealer is polite and helpful, I intend for the most part to service myself although this time as the car was new to me I had Honda do a service along with the manifold. Interestingly I asked them what oil they were going to put in it and they said 10w-40 !! this is what they use almost all the time now or so they say. I did however insist on 0w - 30 which they did comply with and even gave me 3.1 litres to take away at no charge?? not used to that!

    Anyways very happy with my car all need now are some new boots as the rears are getting quite low. Anyone recommend any makes other than continental? mine are 225 45 17

    Cheers everybody

    Take care anbd be lucky :Smile::Smile:

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    Welcome along, I'm running Hankook Ventus V12 Evo's on my car they seem ok they were on the car when I bought it and when they needed replacing I opted for the same again.
  3. Hi Keith and welcome to AOC.

    Thanks for a superb intro.

    Great to hear you've 'seen the light' and discovered the Accord.

    You've obviously already done your homework and then some so you'll know what to look out for and how to do your best to avoid it!

    Hope all continues to go well with the car.
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    The Accord is a great car and by far a much better package than the VW and Audi offerings out there and I have had most of them over the years.
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    Hi and welcome along Keith hope you have many happy miles motoring ahead of you .
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    Welcome Keith. Glad you're enjoying the Accord. :Smile:
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    I have decided I like Honda as a company. I emailed them a little over a week ago as the bulb went in my passenger side fog light. Honda dealer tried to swap it for me when the manifold was being done but the screws had rusted to nothing and the could not get them out. I had a go but ended up wrecking them total.

    I had a moan at Honda by email thinking nothing more would happen. They spoke to the dealer who did the manifold who confirmed they could not open it up and even though I got a second hand one now they have given me 50% of the new replacement cost... Well shocked or what you don't get that from VW on a 2005 car!!
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    That's true Honda happiness for you !!!