Electrical & Lights relay clicking

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    Well here we are again from sunny Cyprus. The progress on my Honda has come to a stand still as I am at present in full time work to help a friend out, the other guy has been called up into the army, yep they still have conscription here. Ok now back to the car, I have noticed I have a clicking sound from under the steering wheal foot well probably a relay, now this clicking only happens when I am moving, There is no ABS on the car so I suspect it has something to do with the gear box, if it is a relay can some one point me in the right direction to where it is located as I cannot look for it when I am driving for obvious reasons, if it's not the relay any ideas to what it could be?.
    Thanks guys
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    Bri take a picture of the surrounding area so we can see.
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    OK Ichiban, I will attempt this week end, by the time I get home now it's dark, there's not a lot of light at the best of times up and under the foot well.

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    I have also come the conclusion that I do not have a vacuum leak on my inlet manifold, one reason is that the car runs very well, the second reason is that the whistle noise starts about 10 to 15 seconds after the engine is switched off, which leads me to perhaps a valve some where in the system, more investigation to follow, and the whistle winds down in about 5 seconds, like a whistle kettle being switched off, if you have ever heard a whistle little that is ha ha ha.