In-Depth Relocation of production for 04YM Stream, Insight, NSX and S2000

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    Honda issued TSB# HUK000000000433 dated 08-07-04 advising the following cars production factory have changed. These are 2004 model year MY04.

    ModelModel CodeYear Model
    STREAMRN1 & RN22004
    A bit of history for the above cars owners to know.

    Please note that for the 2004YM Stream, Insight, NSX and S2000, the production has been moved. The Stream, originally produced in Sayama, is now
    produced in Suzuka. The Insight, NSX and S2000, originally produced in Tochigi, are now also produced in Suzuka.

    With the move to Suzuka, the VIN numbering hasrestarted from 0. Consequently, you may find 2 cars with the same serial number, where only the factory
    code will differ.

    For example : JHMRN17404C200068 and JHMRN17404S200068 may both exist.

    Production overview
    Sayama production Stream
    JHMRN1xxx4C200001 to JHMRN1xxx4C200149
    JHMRN3xxx4C200001 to JHMRN3xxx4C200767

    Suzuka production Stream

    From JHMRN1xxx4S200001
    From JHMRN3xxx4S200001

    Tochigi production Insight
    JHMZE13504T200001 to JHMZE13504T200003

    Suzuka production Insight
    From JHMZE13504S200001

    Tochigi production NSX
    JHMNA21404T200001 to JHMNA21404T200019

    Suzuka production NSX
    From JHMNA21404S200001

    Tochigi production S2000
    JHMAP11304T200001 to JHMAP11304T201763

    Suzuka production S2000
    From JHMAP11304S200001
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    Bump to this ancient thread now we have a few owners with these cars.