In-Depth Remapping i-CTDi or the i-DTEC engines. The painful truth.

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    This article is to make aware of HK members aware of the potential pitfalls and give an accurate assessment before spending their money on remapping and power up kits. Please note we don’t condone what remapping firm do, it is their business model to provide customers an alternative to a stock car performance. Some owners like to modify their car power as they feel the power from the factory is not sufficient for their needs, coupled with the fact remaps are sold with fuel efficiency as a by-product, it does make it an attractive solution.Owners who chose remaps or power up kit instantly notice a more responsive, smoother and more linear power delivery throughout the rev range.Which in turn does cloud their judgement in look at the bigger picture and realise the potential long term ramifications of this upgrade?We want to give a clear perspective & opinions from an accord community stand point as well as from a manufacturer perspective. These are Honda recommendations and findings and will help a lot you to make the informed decision.

    Background Information on how power up kit and remaps achieve their gains.

    Power Up Kits change engine output characteristics using one or a combination of the following methods:

    • ECU software is modified via OBD port or directly onto the ECU by various hacks.
    • Data to or from ECU is modified by use of "plug in" type interface module box.
    • Input signal from sensor (example - fuel pressure sensor) is modified by use of "plug in" type interface.
    • ECU output (example - injector command signal) is modified by use of "plug in" type interface.
      In all cases power and torque increase is achieved by increasing the quantity of fuel delivered to engine.
      Increased fuel quantity can have many potential negative effects on the engine/DPF system and related components as detailed below.
    The first effect, Increased Exhaust Particulates at the tail pipe.

    DPF Filter BlockedDPF Light Flashing/On
    Sticking EGR ValvePower loss/engine stall
    Blocked EGR CoolerPoor engine running
    Increased Oil ContaminationIncreased Timing/Oil Pump chaing wear
    Increased Piston Ping WearIncreased Gas blow-by
    The second effect, Increased Exhaust Temperature:

    Exhaust manifold crackIncreased noise/potential heat increases, health and safety hazard due to fumes entering the car cabin.
    Fractured TurbochargerLoss os power/may result in engine damage
    Melted PistonEngine failure
    Catalyser damageEmissions limit failure
    Increased Oil ContaminationIncreased Timing/Oil Pump chain wear
    DPF filter damage to EGR valve failureDPF lamp flashing or on with power loss and engine stall
    Lastly, Increased Fuel Delivered During DPF Regeneration:

    Heavy Oil ContaminationPotential engine damage
    Excess Exhaust TemperatureDamage to catalyser and DPF filter
    Increased Exhaust ParticulatesSlow DPF regeneration function
    Warranty Conditions: Any modification to engine or engine management system will void the warranty on all powertrain and related components including the DPF system.

    We are aware of a large well known remapping firm that have got official approval of the German car manufacturer for their power up kits /remaps. Some firms have gone to steps stating they have received national authority approval stating they comply with vehicle use regulations. In terms from a Honda perspective the fitments of these types of kits will void Honda’s warranty conditions and extended warranty. Honda dealers are now are actively looking for cars as well as on forums to see which an owner has remap and advising Honda UK to put black markers on VIN's.

    The 8th Generation facelift Accord now has a DTC code which detects the remap and will give the dealers a prompt which will invalidate your warranty. Due to the above effects you will find some remapping firm pressing their clients to get the ERG removed and DPF removed.

    HK recommend if you have to have a remap have it after your standard warranty, but don’t expect any extended warranties to be fixed nor expect stock car reliability.
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    Updated, images of text/tables converted.
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    Thanks for interesting info--afraid power up kits not for me.If the DTEC engine is good enough for Honda,its good enough for me.
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