Remembrance Sunday

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    England CJ Leeds
    Lest we forget

    This theme always weakens my knees :Sobbing:

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    No words just thoughts

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    Never forgotten.

    RIP all my comrades that have passed on. We had some great times.

    Always in my thoughts at this time of year.

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    United Kingdom nobody zoned
    I saw this about The Somme (Secret Tunnel Wars) on BBC the other day, available on iPlayer
    BBC iPlayer - The Somme: Secret Tunnel Wars

    Go to 51 minutes in, and you'll see that the Germans were listening to the British field telephones, and they knew when the attack would take place. We were using single-wire telephone systems at the front-line, and worse still, transmitting morse over them. Single-wire relies on earth-return, and morse creates big currents in the earth-return, which the Germans could pick up, up to 1 km away (read page 3 here). It seems that a lot of our chaps died unnecessarily, arguably the war might have been shorter if 2-wire had been used everywhere (although more difficult to keep relaying as trenches continually moved)
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