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    Hi all,

    I am experiencing some issues locking/unlocking my car. It seems to work (most of the time) if the key is pressed right up against the window but the
    remote range has dropped to nothing over night. I have changed the battery in both sets of keys but the problem still remains. I haven't yet checked the fuse as I can't find any mention of it in the manual. The remote tailgate release is also suffering the same issues so I am leaning towards an issue with the sensor in the car (which is located where exactly)
    It might be worth mentioning at this point that I replaced the front headlights due the known clouding issues and this involved me taking off the front bumper and generally messing around at the front of the car which may have disturbed something. If I am sat in the car, then the remote locking works 100% of the time.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Worn buttons on the fob potentially.. Headlights won't have anything to do with it. Honda dealers do have a tool to measure the fob radio effectiveness to see if the fob is functioning. I have seen it once in action many moons ago.
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    Cheers for prompt reply. Not sure i want to take it into Honda. Might ring my local mechanic andsee if he has one of these measuring devices. Odd it is affecting both remotes all of a sudden but i guess its possible. They will both be 9yrs old
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    It is now working but no definitive answer as to why. Batteries (car and both fobs) were ok as were fuses. My local mechannic gave me an alarm reset procedure which i carried out on both fobs. This didn't appear to do anything at first butlater that day it started working again. Crossed fingers it carries on working.
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    How do you carry out an alarm reset procedure colinkick?
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    Can you tell
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    What normally happens is that the graphite coating on the contacts within the key wears away over time... happens with any kind of rubberised push button on all devices. Happened on a couple of old cars, happened to the rubber buttons on my washing machine happened to the rise & recline remotes on my folks chairs.... and so forth.

    Sometimes you can fix it temporarily by taking it all apart and paining graphite back onto the contacts... but this is a temp fix and may last months, weeks or just days.

    I've not taken one of these keys apart yet to even change a battery, so I have no idea if that part can be swapped out or if the contacts are soldered to the internal board.