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    Hello there, i read in the instruction manual that you can open all for windows using the remote, have tried as described in the manual but to no avail, is this so for my car, it does say in brackets on selected models only, thought it would have been on mine though, maybe not, unless i am not doing something right or you have to program the function.

    Also, does anyone suffer with a slight ache at the back of the shoulders and neck, have had this car for several months and can not get the driving position right, at the top of the back seat anyway?

    And another question: petrol what is recommended for this engine, normal unleaded or the expensive stuff/better grade?

    2003 2.0 saloon exec 44,000 miles
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    Global open/close was something not set for the UK market. The car will have the feature, it just won't be activated at the control unit.

    Never sat in an uncomforatble Accord :Smile:
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    United Kingdom Jason Dudley, UK
    I think mine might do what your on about. I hold either the lock/unlock button and all 4 windows come down 3 inches. Not sure what its for unknw. It is an 8th Generation though.
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    Sufian bought an aftermarket kit to remote open and close all the windows but he had trouble with the wiring so he never got round to getting it to work. Its still possible though so someone else should take up the case