Electrical & Lights Removing Climate Control Console ..... 2000 model V6 Coupe ???

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    Hi All,

    I'm trying to replace a blown bulb on my Climate control console. But I can't get the bugger out. I've removed the two screws at the bottom and it unclips and I can pull the bottom out but it seems firmly attached at the top .... and I can't see how to release it. I know if I pull it too hard something will break (I'm good at that !!!!) ....... So can someone tell me how the thing comes out, preferably in one piece.

    I think while I'm about it I'll replace the radio at the same time....... That seems pretty well bolted in behind the console as wel.

    Any advice here would be most welcome.


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    Well .......... It would seem that it wasn't a blown bulb after all. I guess I did something with all the pulling and fiddling around, because it's working fine now ...... Strange but True.

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    It went off again .......... So I smacked the dash. Now it's working :Aghast:
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    There is a screw behind the clock to get the panel off dude :Smile: - get a flathead and wrap the tip with paper towel then gently pry at the base of the clock. that little bulb is a common problem though as our cars are becoming relics :Tongue:
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