ICE & HFT Removing CR-V door cards to fit speakers.

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    Anyone got a video of this? I can't seem to find one so I'm going to have a quick attempt at removing mine and see where I get to. I may get stuck so if anyone can add a link to a video that would be great. I'm hoping the door cards are fitted like the accord 8th Generation Accord. Wish me luck!
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    All done. Quite easy. Pics to follow.
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    Even though the accord and CR-V speakers look the same I couldn't line up my old adapters with the screw thats at the top without braking the clips.

    I've a jbl 2ohm speaker in the one door at the minute. The speaker may need to brake in as it's not as deep as the standard ones but does sound cleaner and less muddy. I do have it running off a focal cross over so that may have affected it.

    The tweeters come out easy so can be upgraded no problem.

    Compared to the 8th Generation, the doors have less screews. Only 3! It's then just got plastic studs holding it on. The door handle took 10 mins of scratching my head and bum trying to figure out how unclip it. Once that was sored it only takes seconds. The door cards are well made precisely clip together. I was quite impressed with the build. The japan ones on the Accord are less presicse but held together with more screws which I actually prefer as you don't need to take care as much. They're both good either way.

    I need @Ichiban or anyone else with access to a blow up diagram of the door cards to tell me what the empty black box that looks like a speaker box is. It's very weird and looks like it's got a port on it.

    2016-03-13 19.01.02.
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    You just need a small electrical flat screw driver, a philips and some vasiline or vicks vapour rub to grease the plastic clips. Takes about 10 mins at first but when you know what your doing it will take about 5 mins.

    First wind the window down. Then pull back the tweeter thats being held on by 1 clip.


    Disconnect the tweeter plug.

    If changing the tweeter shove a small electrical screw driver where the red arrow is and prise the tweeter out.
    1a. 1b. 1c.

    Use the flat screw diver to prise the cover out and remover the two screws behind it.

    Theres a tiny slot to insert a flat screw driver where the red arrow is pointing. Shove it in and lift.
    I then moved the screw driver to the other side and lifted the screw driver straight up so the hole unit lifted in the same direction as the clips.

    With a crew driver just push the white clips and release the plugs. The larger plug has a leaver mechanism once the catch has been pushed in.

    The rubber mat is tricky to get out as it sort clips in unlike the 8th Generation that`s just resting in place.
    Undo the screw underneath

    Use the flat screw driver to push the white clip and unclip it.

    The door handle unclips and pushes out. You then rotate it and feed it back through the door card
    7. 8.

    Unclip the plugs
    The black clip in the middle is tricky but I just pulled it straight out in the direction that it went in.

    Take out the screw at the top.
    Prize the speaker off the metal slightly then push the speaker up as the bottom is hooked on to the door.


    Unclip the speaker
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    I could do with recording a video of this as there seems to be no guide at all on the internet for removing your door cards.

    I did find a video of removing the stereo though that just involved pulling out the centre vents and unscrewing the stereo. That looked really easy allowing you to add a nice pionner or Alpine etc.

    The spare wheel can easily take a custom made fibre glass subwoofer box. I just need to find out how much that would cost then figure out if I need to remove hondas sub to hide an amp.
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    Jace mate take a few more picture of that box as its not that clear?
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    When I get a chance I will. I was short on time so had to rush a bit.

    I have no idea what it's meant to be. It's serving no purpose and doesn't connect to anything. There's a slot on the end as though it's part of a ventilation system but it's facing the wrong way.
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    hello, the black box in the door is a shock absorber , that preserve the passenger from side impact, ( it should also be writed somewere on the box itself) , should be intersting to test if leaving the box as default or closing the port with tape ( it will probably not modify the function in case of impact) will change the sound,
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    I was meanin to post that as I did take the door card off again and I did see the writing. I can't see it offering protection though.

    20160319_151600. 20160319_151514.