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    Rear offside door

    1. Remove screw from the inner door handle

    Use a flat screwdriver to prise off the plastic cover then a PH1 to remove the screw.


    End up with


    2. Shift the handle to the right by 5 or so mm, it slide with a satisfying click so you should know when it's ready to remove. DO NOT YANK AT IT, read next step first.

    3. Slightly tricky, notice the latch on the handle.


    We need to remove it first by undoing the plastic holder from the handle which is attached to the rod. Ideally pliers would do this job but in my case a small flat screwdriver served the same purpose.

    You will end up with




    4. Now remove the power window switch.

    Use the trim pulling tool to lift up the switch from the side nearest to the pillar.


    Which should lead to


    Remove the loom plug by squeezing on the grey latch. It is differentiated slightly as the rest of the unit is white.

    You will end up with


    5. Remove the two screws under the door handle.


    Bit of a dodgy picture but it should be obvious, hopefully.

    6. Now for prying, I used a metal pryer but it looks like I caused a little unseen damage so it may be better to use plastic. Your choice I guess.

    Start with the side closest to the pillar, there are three pry points

    clip_image010. clip_image011. clip_image012.

    Then move onto the bottom where there are another three points, then two more to the left.

    You should end up with the trim happily hinging on the top.


    7. Lift the whole trim up and it should come out pretty easily.

    Final product being

    clip_image014. clip_image015.

    I've changed my speakers so it may look different.

    There you have it, to refit is pretty much reverse procedure.

    Also, if like me you are doing this to replace the door speakers make sure you cut a new speaker ring out of MDF instead of what I did which was to cut the plastic speaker ring from Honda. It kept on causing the speaker to cut out and blocked the diaphragm from fully flexing.

    Thanks for reading.
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    If you find any grammar/spelling issues please let me know - I did the whole guide on OneNote on my mobile so the predictive keyboard may have included text speak.
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    Nice going CL. :Smile:
    The pictures for each stage make it easy to follow.
    This will help others who need to remove the door trim. :GoodJob:
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    United Kingdom Andy Aberfoyle
    Nice one:Wink:...I need to post up my offside front one, I'll do it tonight or tomorrow :Niceone:
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    Brilliant, I did the rear first as it seemed easier. Will be attempting the fronts very soon, I imagine the mirrors and overall difference in layout would be a stumbling factor.

    That said if you do offside then I'll do nearside and write up any differences I notice bud :Smile:
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