Body, Paint & Styling removing front fender

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    I have finaly got around to removing the front fender for repair, knock out the dent, prime and replace, it will have to come off again because it does not quite line up with the front park light together with the bumper to straiten things out abit, see pics if they up load that is.Fender is back on now just to finish off ready for paint.

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    Looks a good job. Will you be spraying the paint yourself or getting it professionally done ?
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    Now then if you had asked me that when I was in the UK I would of said I do it my self as I had all the equipment to do it, now I'm in Cyprus I have to way up the cost of buying the equipment again against getting it being done at a body shop, the cost of spraying here is about 120euro a panel so I'm probably looking at 600 to 700 euro, so there you have it, I will wait now untill after Christmas before I realy get down to it, at the moment I will just do the rubbing down and making good so the car is still mobile, if any changes I will post.