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    Removing Fuel Filter FR-V 2.2 i-ctdi

    Changed my fuel filter and thought I'd share some info.

    1) You must completely remove the air box. I only had 1 screw at the front of the air box. Disconnected all the tubing and then just give it a good tug towards the front of the car and it frees itself from the rubber secures.I removed all the connectors/pipes around the filter and I also removed a black box that was in the way.

    2)Once I had done this I was presented with the image below....mmm how the hell do I get the filter out?Not enough space to remove the filter in its current position

    2013-03-30 11.59.45.

    The picture below shows the position of two studs that hold the filter in position. They are behind the filter to the left. A uni-joint type extension is required for this.
    2013-03-30 12.08.00.

    Oh yeah I had to bleed the air out of the filter. The chap in the video below shows how to change the filter and bleed it on an Accord (much easier than FR-V). One thing I would add is that I had to pump the handle a LOT! Then crack open the bleed bolt and pump some more, you can hear the air escaping. First time round my car would not start did it again but pumped like mad and it worked.

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    Good job on changing the filter DP and also great job on the write up :Thumbup:
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    Excellent DIY thanks you for taking the time and sharing this for all FR-V owners :GoodJob: