Service & Maintenance Removing heater control unit (cables)

Discussion in '6th Generation (1997-2002)' started by Harvey, Saturday 10th May, 2014.

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    Hi guys,
    Anyone know the best way to disconnect the cables that control the heater direction and heat settings?
    I'd like to change the bulbs, well bulb as one of them has blown and also work out why the heat setting :tut: doesnt seem to stay on the hottest setting properly (i think the cable is bent at an odd angle/binding.
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    Not sure but does this video help you ?

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    thats not quite what i was after more for the european spec car, rather than the US spec car. There was a guide on here on how to fit a stereo, but it showed a car with climate control, rather than a car with manual heater controls. The heat/ cold works, but its like the cable is binding, but because i can't get the heater control and head unit out it makes it difficult,
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    Hey bud, sorry I didn't see this earlier. If you want, I can try and upload the required pages from the service manual?
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    That would really help @Chunkylover53 cheers bud. dunno if its worth trying to get hold of an ebay copy of Honda's EPC for said vehicle since there is no Haynes specific to my chassis.

    I'm also considering replacing my DIN sized head unit for a double din sized unit going where the clock and cubbyhole are, assume a double din unit will fit there?
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    Will fit there, but you will need the cages to secure it on and some modding, if you have the climate unit then better off moving that down there and having the double din on top.

    Not sure if I'm allowed to say this if not then mod can edit it out, but if you google Honda accord esm, there is an electronic manual for the whole car.
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    I've seen it done on google, with the lower slot fitted with a double din unit and it looks smart, from what I can see it won't take too much or if any modding to get one to fit. There is a car in my local scrappy that had Honda sat nav and the bose and climate down below. But I can't since I have manual heater control