Body, Paint & Styling removing rear bumper on 2000 accord hatchback

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    Help, can anyone tell me how to get the rear bumper off my 2000 (W reg) accord ? I have located the fixings in the wheel arches and the clips along the top of the bumper, but I suspect there are some other bolts. have looked on you tube but the models are American and not the same as mine. Any assistance greatfully received
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    im not a 100% sure myself but if you go to lings honda website they have very good and detailed diagrams of most models for all the assembly and parts including clips bolts etc well worth a look ;-)
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    Hi; from what I can see it should be the same as my 1999 4-door which has 5 plastic clips on the top rear edge, 2 on the bottom lip and 1 plastic clip and 1 screw in each wheelarch, the sides are held by 2 pull-out clips each.
    Hope that makes sense, be careful 'cos old plastic is brittle.
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