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    Hello folks,

    Apologies if this is something someone has already covered but I trawled the search facility and couldn't find anything.

    My mother has lost her wedding ring and it's definitely in my car but can't find it anywhere so all we can think that can have happened is it has gone down the back of the rear seat.

    My dealer will help with this but was just wondering if it is easy to remove the rear seat - does it require specialist trim tools and is it within the capabilities of my ham fists and butter fingers? :lol:

    (Always a bit worried about removing things like this in in case I can't get them to go back the same)

    Thanks :Thumbup:
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    John follow this guide mate to remove Rear Seat

    Pull the seat hook knobs (A) while pushing down on the seat cushion (B), to release the hooks (C).
    Pull back the seat cushion to release the centre seat belt (D) and the seat belt buckles (E) from their slits (F), and remove it.
    Install the seat cushion in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:
    • Before attaching the seat cushion, make sure there are no twists or kinks in the seat belts.
    • When installing the seat cushion, slip the seat belt buckles through the slits in the seat cushion.


    If you get stuck I will post the entire rear section removal and installation guide and good luck in finding the ring bud.
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    Thanks @Ichiban I'll give that a go.
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    Tried to get the seat out before. My brother gave me a hand.

    Found the catches at the front no bother offside was stiff nearside one was easy to pull out.


    Managed to get both sides free and get the seatbelt buckles out the way so I could see under the nearside seat (this is where the ring is most likely to be)

    Couldn't get the centre of the seat free though and didn't want to risk damaging anything.

    Couldn't see the ring so I'm wondering if it has gone down behind the plastic trim on the inside of the door sill.
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    Took the car into Newcastle Honda today and they got my mam's wedding ring back.

    It wasn't under the seat. Turned out it had gone all the way under the inside sill trim and was sitting under the wiring loom! :GoodJob:

    All done free of charge and very quickly considering they practically stripped the rear foot well down as well. It did give me time to look at the new HR-V, Jazz and Civic Tourer though.

    And there was a nice silver 15 reg Accord Type-S tourer outside.
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  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Brilliant news about the ring.
    Well done Newcastle Honda :salute:

    Ahem... Where's the :Photographer:
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    Sorry I had left my phone at home and had no camera even though 99% of the time I have one in my glove box. It was in the house on charge.

    Poor show I know. :Blushing::Sorry::telloff:
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    :forgiven:, but only because you gave us your thoughts about the HR-V and new Jazz.
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