Service & Maintenance Repair/service manual for Accord 2003

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    Can anyone help me, I would like to have a repair manual for my 2003 Accord, Haynes do not cover this model , well not the UK, I have the USA Haynes manual and although useful it does not run into detail as to the UK model....
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    Official manuals (on disc) are quite expensive, but available from your Honda Dealer.

    We can source most information for you. What was it you are looking to do?
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    This thread has been edited as many of the DVD's available online are copies and therefore illegal.
    Another member was genuinely trying to help, but we want to ensure we only have legitimate links on our site.
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    Hi Nels,
    Sorry for causing a problem! I've been a member of this site when it was the old THAOC I think!
    My problem with most things Honda are the lack of workshop information as to repairs and maintenance procedures, so simple things like torque settings and component locations become a headache!
    I've seen somewhere a list that someone created of all the torque settings for my 2003 model but can't for the life of me remember where I saw it! So if you know of such a document that would be really helpful!
    My other little niggle is the location of the block coolant drain, if you could point me in that direction too!
    I might have to search around on here to also find out information about my creaking clutch pedal which is driving me mad! I've read somewhere that this was a problem on my particular modal and that it was a recall but again as my car is a 2003 model its vanished into the mist of time, maybe you have heard of anything that maybe of use to me, or any threads that could solve the problem for me, other than ripping it out!
    Sorry for going on a bit!
    Regards John...
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    John, add you car to the club garage so that it appears at the bottom of each of your posts.

    I think we need a thread that details all the torque specs on one page as they can be hard to find.

    There are a few threads related to clutch pedal noise. I fixed mine with some silicon grease on the push rod, check my Accord garage entry.

    Not sure if you have a petrol or a diesel but the K series engine doesn't have a block drain as far as I know.
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    Thanks for that mate, I'm just looking at doing just that but haven't found a decent picture yet!
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    It's not a problem. We're just cautious about the number of copy discs out there and do not want to promote them.
    Between us, we have access to a wealth of information. Some of it is copyright protected, so we cannot post it directly onto the site. We can however tell you about things.

    I can't remember a single post with all the torque settings on, but just ask for the ones you need.

    @SpeedyGee's beaten me to it again, but that's okay. He's covered the main things you've asked about.
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    I think @Nighthawk had some info about it too, so you may find some pictures on his Accord Project Log
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    England Speedy Birmingham