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    Hi All

    I am looking to change my gear boot as it is looking a bit tatty, has anyone changed this that can offer some tips on how to get the old on off?


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    Ian I have a brand new gear gaiter aka boot which was changed on my brand new 8th Generation for a leather gaiter the day I got it..:Smile:

    Which remind me to put it on the sales section (You may not see that section yet) but have a look at these links Leather Shift Boot Manual

    The DIY and step by step have a look at this link


    The instruction suggest to put that tie wrap aka wire tie tip outwards in reality it should be tighten inwards as the top collar of the boot won't sit properly. You have to do it first to realise the instructions are wrong.

    This is how the instructions want you to place the cable tie but flip the cable tie the other way so the integrated gear rack in pointing inwards :Wink:

    Boot Tiewrap- Wrong.JPG

    Don't make that mistake,have a look at the wiki section too :Thumbup:
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    Blimey the clips holding the gear :tut: and the ring together are hard to get at :Aghast:, will have to leave till I get back.
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