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    Last week, I traded in my poor old Accord Tourer for a newer Accord with about 200K less on the clock. I immediately booked it in for a service at my local dealer and they have advised of one job that needs to be done on it.

    The bushing on the lower arm on the near side front has completely worn/separated and needs to be replaced. They said that some mechanics will try to get you to change the whole arm, but this is not actually needed. It just needs the new bushing

    I am not at all mechanically minded, so won’t be doing the job myself. The dealership has quoted me £202, but I will probably look to get it done at a private garage

    I was wondering if anyone knows roughly how much labour is involved in this and roughly how much the part would cost?
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    The bushing itself is around £20 OEM. The labour depends on how hard it is to get the old bushing out. It should push out but realistically it will need burning out.

    Replacing the entire arm isnt necessary but its easier to do it as a diy if you do. I was charged around £80 from a local place to burn both mine out and replace them with OEM ones which i provided. I took the arms off myself and just handed them over. That saves alot on labour
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    Whereas I decided to replace the entire arm...Replacement of front suspension lower wishbone !

    There are other bushes on the arm that can also wear, which is why I went for the aftermarket replacement arms. Do also be aware, whichever route you go down, that the lower ball-joints can also be found to be worn whilst removing the lower suspension arm, this is not always obvious beforehand.

    I believe that when @SayamaAccord tried to get his new compliance bushes pressed in, the receiving part of the arm split?
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    How bad is the bush? At the top of this thread you can see that the bush has failed so badly that the suspension arm is resting on the chassis shelf... Compliance bush failed (Suspension, Steering and Brakes - )

    Is yours as bad as this example of mine? Even when new, the arm sits low in that chassis bracket, only around 1cm up from touching the lower chassis shelf.
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    I replaced top and bottom wishbones, drop links and ball joints both sides, took about 2 hours each side, did a drive shaft on one side as well.
    See this post if it will help you:
    Wishbones/ Compliance bush repair? (Giveaway - )

    You could let the garage have a go at replacing the bush without taking the car off the road, then when you book it in it will just be a part swapping exercise.

    Don't need to rush into it, took me 3 months to get round to doing mine!

    HTH, Cheers, Simon.
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    Good point about changing the drop links... If you still have the original ones then they'll be destroyed during removal. Even some aftermarket types may not survive (preventing the ball joints the from rotating while undoing the nuts can be practically impossible, so you end up wrecking them to get them undone!).
  6. If a Honda main dealer isn't doing the job it's worth buying the part so the garage doesn't use some inferior replacement which lasts 5 minutes and you end up back where you are.

    If your car is the 03-08 model this is the part

    Genuine Honda Accord Front Lower Arm Bush
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    Good news that this is the only job needed on the new one.
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    My old drop links are still fine, I fitted new ones but using an impact wrench and some snipe nose moleys to stop it spinning, they flew off.
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    Original ones with the Allen key recess? You did well getting them off!
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    Thank you for this link. This is very helpful.
    Can I ask one question? The part number for this is 51391-SEA-004. I can also see a 51393-SEA-004, which is also described as a "Honda Accord Front Lower Arm Bush" and says it's for Accord 2004-2012 models, but at a lower price.

    Do you know if there is a difference I should be aware of between the 51391 and the 51393?

  10. You're welcome.

    There are 3 bushes in the arm altogether, and that's one of the other two, but the one that wears out and separates is the first one. In theory it's best to do all 3 but you can get away with just doing the one without losing any sleep about the others. As suggested above though it's worth replacing the drop link at the same time.
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    And there is a chance that the lower ball joint will be found to be worn.
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    I also replaced the bushes only and not the entire arm. However I was only able to do it with some Air Cutting tools and a hydraulic press. It is cheaper but not easy! Im sure there are garages that will do it for you if you bring the arms.
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    All sorted. My usual mechanic did the bushing only for £60
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