Engine & Gearbox Replacing my timing chain

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    Hi guys and girls been lurking around for sometime now. I brought myself a Honda ctdi 05 from my old work which was a company car covered around 209k running really well gave her a major service with the correct oil and genuine parts etc.

    Looking to replace my timing chain soon just starting to get the parts together going for the Febi chains but also looking to replace the tensioner and sprockets would these be honda only? Also anyone know what sort of prices i would be looking at for the parts?

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    Hi Daryl just search on the forum buddy people have done their own timing chain replacement..Have a search if you get stuck please ask.
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    209k outstanding :Smile: they are great cars.. There are loads of threads which will help as CJ said do a search or just look back over the posts in 7th Generation section there are a few as I recall that will help. Keep us posted on how your getting on and get some pics up of the old girl :Smile:
    Welcome to AOC
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    Yeah she is a good runner for the miles that she has on her but there is some noise from oil chain area thats why im keen to get the chains etc done.

    First Honda and high mileage car but im not afraid to get my spanners out previous cars were a polo gt, G40, golf, Audi group

    Once I've got the parts will hope to put a write up on changing the chains etc
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    Dud you use febi chains?