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Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by wookie6262, Sunday 1st Apr, 2012.

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    After living without a Sat Nav on my Tourer for over 6 months I decided enough was enough. After an hour of wrestling with the dash and working out how to get access to the laser the job was completed succesfully. Cost two cotton buds used to clean the laser and an hour of my time. Thanks to the forum for some great instructions on getting access to the DVD unit.
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    Welcome to AOC Wookie and even better to learn you have fixed a problem which plagues a lot of owners.Excellent result.
  3. Great job (Gav?)
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    Thanks. I really should have taken a few photos of cleaning the laser. It is easy to get the unit apart and the laser is accessed by removing the shiny clip which holds the piece that clamps on to the centre of the DVD. I used some thread to get the clip back on as you have no chance doing it with your fingers. The laser looked clean enough and I didn't see alot of muck on the buds but there must have been something there.
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    Back in action for two cotton wool buds. Good job mate!
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    Is there a "how to" on getting the player out..coz I need to do mine I says disc reading error
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    If you search for xcarlink I beleive a member did a guide on how to install that and it shows you how to remove the player. If you get stuck let us know and i'll see if I can find it for you. :Smile: