Exhaust System Resonators???

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  1. boki_cu2 Premium Member Club Supporter

    Hi all

    So as you know i been wanting to add an additional resonator to my fujitsubo.

    Reason being after rv6 downpipe its a bit on loudside for my liking, there's no rasp but around 2xxxrpm ita loud and i would say drones s bit at least for me.

    Would adding resonator drop the tone down? Or better option would be to add a hi flow metalic cat to downpipe? I got an magnaflow 14416 sitting in my boot.

    I allready have a magnaflow resonator but before i cut up my fujitsubo i tought i ask the question :Smile:
  2. stuscrv Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Spain stu lanzarote
    Its a cracking machine you have there sir, what's sitting in your boot is worth more than my entire car !
    Luckily the day after mine passed its yearly test when giving mine some stick there was a loud explosion followed by loads of ( stuff ) flying out the rear silencer.
    I have a nasty suspition it was the cat and wadding from the exhaust.
    So I now have a straight through system for free !
    Sounds sweet and has improved performance no end but recon it won't pass next years emmision check !
  3. boki_cu2 Premium Member Club Supporter

    Cheers :Smile:, reason for people getring rid of cats is due to excess heat they carry close to head/block which is never good.
    Our cars are getting at that stage where if a cat was going to go fail(age, cars over 100k, heat cycles) it can push particles of cat in engine and rest will be history....for me drama is that i don't know if resonator will change my tone that much.
    From what i read it will made exhaust deeper and on what others have done is to combat drone and rasp, don't know how will it apply in my situation.
    I guess just try it ☺
  4. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Have a chat to a local exhaust fabricator, it's hard to know exactly how a particular resonator will affect the tone.
  5. boki_cu2 Premium Member Club Supporter

    I did call up few not much help. Seems to me they all keen on taking money but not much answers and advice.
    Will probably have to pop in to one and speak to them.
    Hope my magnaflow does what i need it to do.
  6. PeteMM Premium Member Club Supporter

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    J-Tubes (1/4 resonance pipes) are available from the likes of Magnaflow and other exhaust firms.

    Ideally, if you don't know the exact RPM of the resonance, fitting an adjustable one would help you dial it in.

    Sadly you are the other side of the world otherwise I would say to pop into my workshop and we could calculate and make a tube to suit.
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  7. stuscrv Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Spain stu lanzarote
    Trouble here is if you remove the cat your likely to fail emmisions test. Its rare but I was driving to work one day and plod were checking emmisions at the road side.
    Guess it depends on if there collecting for their Xmas party or not.
    I ran an old diesel on red for years, never heard of getting dipped in my area, but saw on the TV they said 40% of all diesels scrapped had traces of red in filters etc.
  8. boki_cu2 Premium Member Club Supporter

    I was going to add magnaflow i got after second cat, but in general would a resonator quiten things down or just move resonace to different RPM.
    I wish if i was able to drive it to someone like yourself that has same passion for cars and actually help instead of giving bs stories and just taking my hard earned.
  9. boki_cu2 Premium Member Club Supporter

    Thia is what i keep hearing tho.
    "The closer to the engine the resonator is installed, the more effective it is at reducing noise"
  10. PeteMM Premium Member Club Supporter

    Northern Ireland Pete Belfast, UK
    Generally it is installed just before the rear silencer.
    That way the resonance is cancelled before the gases expand and get released to atmosphere.
    If you calculate the length correctly it will cancel out the resonance, it shouldn't create more.
    At a guess, if you were to find it created another resonant frequency further up the rev range, chances are it will be beyond the engines capability to get there anyway.

    Have a quick Google search, there are calculators online to get you the right length of j tube. Then all you need is a hole cutter and a competent welder to fit it all up.

    If you can find the correct length, any exhaust place should be able to make the tube to your desired length and add it into your system
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  11. boki_cu2 Premium Member Club Supporter

    Checked today with another place and he said resonator i have might work so probably will give that a go it will just fit nicely. Maximum is 14" i can fit there and thats resonator i brought.

    Worst case i will need to weld a cat on downpipe to keep noise down.