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Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by Fraser May, Wednesday 22nd Apr, 2015.

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    Fraser Portugal
    I can't actually remember if I ever introduced myself, getting old. Anyway, my name is Fraser and we recently acquired a 2002 CR-V here in Portugal from a Brit couple who were moving to Portugal. We swapped cars, my Aerodeck for their CR-V. The used car market here is ferociously expensive so it was reasonable, despite the Aerodeck being a couple of years older! The CR-V needed a bit of love. Bushes and drop links all round and a skim for the front discs. Only thing I'm less than thrilled about is that it's an Automatic, but it's a nice drive and there's room for a load of our odds and sods and the dogs. A tad thirsty but there y'go. We're planning to run up to Calais...What the dogs will think of it, I dunno. Thought about the Santander - Portsmouth Ferry but there were no dog friendly cabins available and we didn't like the thought of them being stuck in cages for 24 hours. oing to be an interesting few days....
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    Welcome Frazer would love to see your CR-V, one advise i can give your CR-V will eat a lot of engine oil in the heat of Portugal so always check the oil dipstick and maintain the oil level to the top DOT.
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    Have a safe trip and take it easy.Lots of breaks and rest/sleep if you feel tired.
    I love long European journeys and every year drive thousands of miles.
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    Fraser Portugal
    Thanks! 1573 miles later we're at my wife's sister's in London. Car behaved beautifully, but ate a lot of petrol! Tis a thirsty beast!