For Sale Rockford Fosgate 12" Bass Deal.

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    Put a bit of a package together for you all to consider.

    Comprises of :
    Rockford Fosgate P1-1X12 Vented enclosure housing a 12" Punch P1 (P1S4-12) Subwoofer.
    Rockford Fosgate P300X1 Monoblock Amplifier
    Connects 2 PRO 8 AWG Wiring Kit.

    P1-1X12_2_l. P1S4-12_7_l. P300X1_1_m. PRO-EIGHT.

    P1-1X12 Enclosure

    The most convenient way to get low frequency bass in your system is to drop-in a Punch Loaded enclosure. We're not talking junk in the trunk, we're talking the same genuine Punch woofers available separately. Punch Loaded enclosures are constructed with durable 5/8" MDF and tuned by our computer aided design software. P1 Loaded Enclosures feature similar tonal performance as P2/P3 models, but are easier to move in-n-out of vehicles due to their lighter weight.

    P1-1X12_2_l. P1-1X12_1_l.

    P300X1 Monoblock Amplifier

    The P300X1 is perfect for use as a dedicated subwoofer or center channel amplifier. Regardless if you're driving multiple speakers or just one, the hefty 2-ohm capability will deliver the right amount of PUNCH that you want! Now, thanks to its small chassis design, it will also fit where traditional amplifiers cannot.

    P300X1_1_l. P300X1_2_l. P300X1_4_l. P300X1_3_l.

    P1S4-12 Subwoofer

    Rockford Fosgate P1 12" are the first in a family of world famous subwoofers called "The Punch". During their inception in the 1980's, they quickly became "The Woofer of Choice" for fanatic car audio systems, with a continued tradition today. Kevlar fiber reinforced paper cones deliver bass impact you can feel, and our VAST technology increases surface cone area up to 25%. Best in standard sealed and vented enclosures. Includes soft touch ABS tri trim ring.

    P1S4-12_7_l. P1S4-12_2_l. P1S4-12_3_l. P1S4-12_4_l. P1S4-12_5_l. P1S4-12_6_l.

    Connects 2 PRO EIGHT Wiring Kit

    PRO Series 8 AWG 720 Watt Amp Wiring Kit. Power Cable - 5.2m Red frosted cable with mounted ring terminal, 6.7mm. Ground Cable - 0.8m Black frosted cable with mounted ring terminal, 6.7mm. Speaker Cable - 5m Blue/White frosted cable, 1.5mm. RCA Cable - 5m Black cable with remote wire. Gold plated RCA plugs, one end straight, one end angled. Fuse Holder - Waterproof Nickel plated Mini-ANL Fuse holder with 60A Mini-ANL Fuse. Terminals - 2pcs fork terminals.

    Total RRP. £489.97

    Price to members £415 delivered (UK Mainland)

    As always , fitting is also available.

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