Body, Paint & Styling Roof Bars

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    Sorry if this is a repost but my last one seems to have not appeared.

    I am wondering what aftermarket roof bars you guys use.

    I am looking for something that will serve me well for this great weather, so that I can carry kayaks, canoes and the like.

    Any advice would be brilliant!

    I have seen things like...

    Are these good or...??

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    I don't know much about roof bars but let me bump your thread for you as no one replied to you yesterday.
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    im guessing by the link you have a tourer,i got a set of universal ones for my saloon that cost roughly £60 at a local motorfactors and do the job a treat with no issues so i'd imagine these should also do the trick.
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    I use the normal Thule ones. Great bars, lots of choice of bike racks, boat holders, roof boxes etc. Not to expensive either. You can upgrade the bars to the aero ones, the sliding off the roof type ones etc. I`d go for the normal ones though, I don't have any wind noise with the windows up.