Aftermarket Kit Roof Rails

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    I am looking at changing to a 2014/15 CR-V 1.6 Diesel.

    I had a test drive yesterday and was happy with the engine pull, driving position and comfort. The actual car I drove didn't have roof rails and when I asked about rails the salesman dismissed the issue referring to accessories etc.

    I need roof rails (bikes and roof box) but I don't want something which is either an add-on or, even worse, something which has to be fitted each time I want to put something on the roof.

    Is it possible to retrofit roofbars which will be exactly the same as a factory fit?
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    I think I have found the answer along with some links to other useful accessories like dog guards and boot trays.
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    I recently picked some up for my FR-V, , , works very similar to this:

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