Body, Paint & Styling Royal Sapphire Blue, Weak Paint?

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    My wife bought a new Jazz in Dec 2011. She is enourmously happy with it, so am I except I've noticed a lot of chips on the bonnet. Also one of the door touched the plastic electric meter box on the side of our house when getting a baby seat out and paint just seemed to chip away so easily. We now have those door edge protectors, which obviously look a bit naff.

    The car has travelled around 3000miles. My 10 year old Civic with 180k on the clock has fewer chips that this.

    Some of these chips go right down to bare metal and many go to the white undercoat - which sticks out a lot when the car is dark blue.

    When we boought the car we were trying to get a different colour - can't quite remember it but very similar sounding name (Deep Sapphire Blue I think). They said the new colour was 96% the same whatever that means, but they couldn't show a sample as they didn't have one. We took a risk and can't tell the difference. Apparently it has a new name as it is a new manufacturer even though it look the same. Is this a problem with the new manufacturer?

    Has anybody else noticed this? Is it just the shape of the bonnet that attracts stone chips? We haven't heard any dings that you would expect for the severity of some of these. Or is it just because the car is dark blue that they stick out.

    Thanks mat.
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    Re: Royal Sapphire Blue Weak Paint?

    Hi Mat,

    Welcome to the club and apologies no one has responded to your thread for so long ! What your experiencing is not uncommon.The paint job out of Swindon is not the same as you get out of Japan. I have seen brand new Jazz with ingrained dust and debris in the paint surfaces. When these cars are made they should have a rest time of atleast 10-15 hours before they are moved , but Swindon is making them at just at such a fast rate they out on the test track for their road test literately as soon as they are made.!! :Aghast: This attract all the dust and debris on the freshly painted surface. Japan allows cars to sit before they are moved :Wink:

    I spoke to the head painter at Bentley and they are seeing this when their cars on return form their test runs. The paint is like Velcro it attracting a lot of grime which solidify with the clear coat. They have to repaint the surfaces to fix these blemish before they hand the car over to Quality control. He also did not have one kind word for the German paint vendor they have been told to use by their parent company VA group. :Rolf:

    Coming back to Honda's they all have soft paint which is easily marred and damaged with stone chips , what we also need to appreciate it all Honda are very aerodynamically efficient so it attracts these debris on the painted surface like moth to a flame making them more susceptible to damage.

    All I can suggest if to buy a touch up paint stick and protect the damaged paint,all you can do is damage limitation there is no cure for it.
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    Re: Royal Sapphire Blue Weak Paint?

    Thanks for such a comprehensive reply Ichiban

    Seems unfortunate that such a good car is let down by "weak" paint. I was wondering whether it was just this blue paint but from what you say it sounds like all colours would suffer the same problem.

    The Accords are still built in Japan no?
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    Re: Royal Sapphire Blue Weak Paint?

    Hi Mat all the Honda's sold in the UK have this condition no matter where they are made. Swindon car suffer the most while the Japanese made car fair slightly better. To mitigate the risk of further damage you need to allow sufficient gap in front of the vehicle in front . I personally avoid gravel drives poor road surfaces. The worst ones are the roads which have been ripped up for fresh tarmac the lose chipping cause major damage .

    Accord are still made in Japan so are Jazz Hybrids, CR-Z , and the Insight.
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    Re: Royal Sapphire Blue Weak Paint?

    Just going back to owning a Jazz after a really good period of Accord ownership, but not using it well enough.
    I previously had a Jazz in the blue sapphire and suffered the same paint 'weakness'.
    However this car was made in Japan according to dealer that supplied - VIN JHMGE6:wait:****

    VIN full number removed!
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    Royal Sapphire Blue Weak Paint?

    I have heard and read many times that the paint on Honda vehicles is soft hence the chips mentioned earlier. I am surprised that it is considered to be soft as if something is soft it will rub off or dent whereas something that is too hard will chip. An example is lead which is soft compared to granite which is extremely hard. Lead will be bruised or dent whereas Granite will chip if knocked.
    I have always thought that Honda paint is thin and maybe "overcooked" making it very prone to chipping.
    I owned a blue Cavalier back in the dark ages and although it was a very low mileage it suffered really badly with stone chips - even on the rear panel below the boot!! I took it to the Vauxhall Plant in Luton and spoke to a quality guy on the paint plant. He advised that the car I owned was one of thousands that had been parked up (the shell) in its primer during a strike. They were parked up directly under the flight path from Luton. He said that the shells were contaminated by jettisoned fuel. Apparently they did a limited warranty repair on these vehicles. Unfortunately my car was over 3 years old and outside their warranty.
    I do think Honda need to look into the strength of their paint as it is one thing that does let the cars down.
    Mike c
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    I own two Hondas, my 2009 Accord with 65,000 miles has a vastly superior paint finish than my wife's 2009 26,000 mile Jazz (dark metallic blue).

    The Jazz's paint marks remarkably easily, it's always hand washed and the swirls can be polished out but even so I've had solid black cars that have been easier to look after.