General RTFM Accord Owners manual

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    I am at my daughter horse riding lesson sat in my car watching her ride. Yes feeling abit cold with a t shirt on call me soft.....Armed with my iPhone and dab radio on thought to myself lets have a look at the owners manual last time I read it was 2007!!!!

    Whip it out and start to read the voice command and long behold I have found a command to turn the radio on without hitting the ON button..

    All you have to do is hit the man with the three radio wave button and say clearly "AUDIO ON" and presto radio on or whatever you were listening to...I know people have asked this before and I have said there isn't a way but I am sure this will work on all voice activated Honda cars. To turn off just say AUDIO OFF.

    I am going I post these voice commands when I get back.

    Zoran found your answer to your question now everyone can be lazy without the need to raise a finger.. When was the last time you read your owners manual ??? Its time we all did