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Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by Robbie, Thursday 17th Jan, 2013.

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    I decide to try out the sat nav in my new CR-V today, when I was returning home from a shopping trip, and I am less than impressed. I thought I'd try this on a known route just to check it out.

    It is nowhere near as good as my Garmin which is excellent. The mapping is not as clear as the Garmin, and when I was leaving the supermarket to head for home there were no verbal instructions for which way to turn. The map was not clear insofar as it gave no indication of street names. When I got on the trunk road it directed me to take the motorway, which is miles out of my way and is a dog's leg to home. Certainly it did not offer the shortest or the quickest route. Directions at roundabouts are confusing: the verbal instructions said to take the third exit when it meant the second exit, i.e. driving straight across. Presumably, the road you are exiting is regarded as the first exit.

    I'll not be using this for any future journeys that are not familiar, but will stick to the Garmin.
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    I don't think any built in Sat Nav system is as good as the portable dedicated ones.

    It does the job though. As for mis directions at roundabout, that must be a map issue.

    First exit should always mean the very first exit on the roundabout and not include the road your came into the roundabout on.
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    My CR-V , only being the ES, didn't come with built in sat nav, reading various reports on the built in system, all negative, I am glad I had to buy a stand alone sat nav.

    I have a Tom Tom start 60, and an excellent bit of kit it is too.
  4. I agree I think the Garmin is better, and it has speed limits and speed cameras.

    You can set the Honda for fastest, shortest route etc which helps a bit. It got me around France for two weeks last summer. But admittedly not 100% trouble free.
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    I tested my Sat Nav on the way home this evening and it managed to announce the correct turns at each roundabout. It did try to direct me down a different route to what I normally use, but to be fair my Garmin would do the same as that way is a more logical choice. I just prefer my way as it's a bit less hassle in the evening.

    I agree that the maps are clearer on the Garmin, especially as there doesn't seem to be an isometric view, just a top down one?

    One thing I do prefer on the Honda sat nav is that it announces a turn when you are closer to the location - the Garmin to my mind announces turns far too early.

    According to the manual the Honda sat nav should change from day to night display automatically, but mine keeps showing the daytime display at night unless I manually change it. The is an "Auto" button in the setup, I've pressed it on several occasions, but it's not made any difference.

    So, while there are limitations, I wouldn't say the Honda unit is rubbish :Smile:
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    In my Accord I found it to be really good actually.
    Only issue I had is when I was driving in Eastern Europe last summer Hungary to be precise it didn't have major motorway to Budapest on the map and was telling me to go through villages and towns which would prolong my journey for hours.
    I tend to ignore it if I think I know better way.
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    You may need to turn the brightness :tut: in the instrument cluster back a notch. Thats what I have to do in my I-CTDI Accord anyway
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    The good thing about the Tom Tom, is it announces the turn 300 yards before, and then again at the actual turn its self as well. Very useful where there are more than one turnings.
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    Does yours display street names on the maps? Mine doesn't, and that's a big No No. I don't understand why yours shows the correct exits on roundabouts when mine doesn't. The Garmin displays street names of side roads so it's easy to check for turnings.

    A few years ago my old Garmin took me to an HSBC bank in Toulouse that was situated in a business park. Certainly, the Honda sat nav wouldn't be able to do that if my experience has anything to go by. My old Garmin was a Nuvi 760, and my present one is NA Nuvi 2460 LT.
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    Good point about the lack of street names, Robbie. So far I have only used the sat nav on routes that I know well, the real test will be when I go to somewhere I've not been before.

    My unit is definitely calling roundabouts correctly. The only slightly wrong instruction I have noticed was where is said something like "slight left turn", where the junction is almost at 90 degrees (it was even shown correctly on the map display).

    My Garmin is also a Nuvi 2460. The 4GB download to update the maps was a bit of a shock - it took over 20 hours on my old internet connection :Aghast: but is a lot quicker since I upgraded to fibre. I assume to update the Honda unit I would have to buy a new DVD?

    Dave thanks for the suggestion - I tried turning the instrument brightness a tad, and when I set off in the dark this morning it correctly display in the Night setting. However when I returned in daylight it was still on the night setting? I will try a few different settings and see if it makes a difference.
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    When you turn your lights on it will go into night mode as long as you've not got the dash brightness turned to full. Try using the calculate 5 (I think it's 5) routes option it will then show you the different routes on the map in different colours and tell you time differences etc. If you have zoom right in it shows street names on the map as you drive along. I've found the Honda nav to be pretty good it also depends on how you have it setup as with any sat nav. I still prefer my TomTom as I find 3D mapping easier to follow.
  12. Islander Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Before I picked up my new ES in mid-Dec, I was leant an EX demo for 6 weeks (they took my current 5 series BMW (ex Co car taken in redundancy/retirement!) in part ex, but wanted it there and then, otherwise leaving me car-less for the delivery period; hence the generous loan of the EX). I used to do the run from Isle of Wight to west Cornwall each week, on different routes according to stop-offs, and I soon realised that the EX sat-nav was very poor. It's fiddly to operate (certainly compared to the current 5 series BMW), had a distinct lack of useful information, but most importantly was often wrong at roundabouts and in picking the most obvious route. In the end, I found I rarely used it and relied on signposts. Not good.

    A pity, because the rest of the car (both EX and ES) is lovely!
  13. DickiePhitt New Member Getting Started

    I've used the Honda Satnav for 5 years and agree that it can make some awful gaffes. Buried in the options is the ability to change the average speeds for different types of road - Motorway,A Road, B Roads, etc. It could be that having these set unrealistically will cause an odd route to be suggested.

    The algorithms are definately wrong though. In France I can ignore the Satnav and, upon recalculation, get 30mins off the estimated journey time at several autoroute intersections.

    I would say, though, be thankful you don't have the Audi Satnav with rotary dial input and 5 digit postcodes - my house appears to be half a mile away from where I live!!
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    Only ever fails me when driving on a road built after 2006. If the road is in the sat-nav it calculates the route spot-on. obviously nothing can replace knowledge of local roads and traffic tendencies.
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    Spot on Bijomaru. As a driver it's your job to be alert and follow the rules of the road, sat nav instructions should only be taken as guidance and should be overridden by driver awareness and intelligence.

    The Honda Sat Nav has never failed to get me to a destination that is new to me and conversely has never ever got me into trouble.
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  16. Islander Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I couldn't agree more about driver awareness and making your own judgements when it comes to sat-nav use.

    I think the point really was about how out of date the very latest CR-V sat nav seems, in respect of the displayed info, the user-interface and the price, compared with the stand-alone competition... and indeed that now fitted in several "competing" cars (not all SUVs) that I looked at before choosing the new CR-V. Display resolution, size and 3D mapping have particularly made significant leaps. The point made above about mapping of new(er) roads is also a good one, but I assume that all sat-navs will catch up with that at roughly the same speed, if all updates are installed.

    As my journeys are generally short and familiar, sat-nav was never going to be a deal maker or breaker for me, but it was interesting to note the difference in different manufacturers approach and price.

    In all other respects, for me, the CR-V was an outright winner! I couldn't be happier with it, for what I want it for.
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    Thanks for the tip Dave. I've been mostly driving while it's dark so I've not had a chance to test it properly in daylight. But on the way home today it was still light and it came on in daytime mode. It then switched to night mode for a few seconds as I went under a railway bridge and then about halfway home it was getting a bit darker generally and it switched to night mode for the rest of the journey. Switching the dash brightness to one click below full did the trick.
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    If it is like my Nissan the sat-nav will go to night mode when the headlights are switched on. If you have auto-headlights then that explains what happens in a tunnel.
    Factory fitted sat-nav is seldom as good as a Garmin or Tom-Tom for navigation but the system does generally come with all kinds of other bells and whistles on top, such as a better infotainment system and driver display etc. The other drawback is that updating the maps, which is generally needed every five years or so, or more often in developing towns, costs an arm and a leg and usually more than a complete new good portable unit such as the two mentioned.