Body, Paint & Styling Rust! and not in a good place.

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    Having been to the scrap yard again recently I noticed an Accord 6th Generation in their and thought I'd see what goodies it has to offer. On closer inspection I could see the reason why it was there. It had a whole heap of rust where the rear subframe bracket bolts to the body,
    I proceeded to check my own motor and to my dismay found that the passenger side had a rust hole in this area and now needs welding, It has metal there, but its not that thick. Fortunately it seems that the mount and the metal around it is solid, just the bit around the drain hole is gone bad.

    I took a pic of what the passenger side looks like, with Hammerite underbody seal with Waxoyl is like, you can just make out the hole filled the seal just below the drain hole, the metal here is quite thin and I'm told is quite an easy fix,

    the other side looks to be good condition, but i may underseal that at a later date, just in case.

    20140618_214240. 20140618_214337. 20140618_214344. 20140618_214452.
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  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    At least you've found it and can do something about it.
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    Aye, thats true, looking in to get it plated or something, so it
    will be as good as new.

    Are there any other places I should look for rust?
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    I've been quite fortunate or ignorant to not notice any rust. However wheel arches, the metal behind plastic covers for wing mirrors have also had rust in the past as mentioned by other members. Also it wouldn't do any harm to take a few photos of the chassis and see if there's any rust there, especially leading towards the exhaust.
  6. Harvey Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I've been under the car a few times and have noticed no other rust on the chassis, though I'm about to go down under to have another look. I have noticed that the rear bumper reinforcement bar is quite badly rusted, but the rest seems sound.
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    Check under the seal around the window on the front doors and I'm not sure if it's specific to the Type-R but it might be worth a check behind the wheel arch lining on the front arches mine is a bit of a horror story ! I'm pretty sure I posted a thread on here ?.
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    I think the front door window seals are ok on mine, I've also heard about the rusted bulkhead, mines ok as I already checked there. However I did find anither cause for concern. The topmost mounting hole for thr wheel arch liner than mounts into thr chassis leg. Two out of three cars I have seen have had rust holes the size of tennis balls in this area, mine luckily is solid in this area.
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    20140617_171540. Thats what mine looked like !
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    thats a nasty hole!
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