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    Feedback below re membership of S2kUK which only costs £17.50 annual membership for which most Honda dealers give 10% discount on parts & labour so subscription saved with one service. This also illustrates benefits of joining S2KUK & Honda Karma forums as some Honda dealers are not always as helpful or as knowledgeable as they should be of problems.

    We recently received this email of thanks from a relatively new member who contacted us via facebook when he had some problems with his S2000...
    "Value for money!

    I'd just like to openly applaud S2KUK for stepping in and helping when I was at my wits end and facing a lengthy legal battle. My ultra reliable F20C engine in my 08 pride and joy S2000 decided to blow itself up, even though I'd cared for it like a babe. I'd reached a stalemate with my local dealer, who refused to honour the warranty and after removing the engine and stripping it said the fault was mine and made me remove what was left of my car from their premises, charging me for dismantling. I was £3000 down and left with a destroyed car, quoted £15000 by the dealer for a new engine or faced a further £3000 for a replacement from a write-off.

    Looking through the S2KI forums I came across a load of interesting information about similar problems other owners had. I contacted Ian who runs the S2KUK club and he put me in direct contact with the right person at Honda UK. The guy even came to visit me at home to work out a plan to get my car sorted! Honda reimbursed all my outlay to date, arranged to get the car back to the dealer and put in it a brand new engine!

    I now have my S2000 back to perfection but had I not had the help of S2KUK, the forums and Ian I would have been out of pocket to the tune of £6000! Pretty good value for the membership fee if you ask me!

    Well done S2KUK!!"

    Karl Gregory
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    Well done S2KUK you & us a lot in common and we cherish our Honda ownership very seriously and are ready to drop everything to do the right thing. Doing the right thing in today's world means a lot of scarifies and personal time which is in short supply.

    Well done.:Yahoo:

    Where HUK and dealers won't help we will always.:gohonda:
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