Off-Topic SAAB to resume production

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by FirstHonda, Monday 2nd Dec, 2013.

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    Let's hope these guys make a decent fist of it...doesn't sound too hopeful to me though!

    BBC News - Saab to resume making cars in Sweden

    Personally I think the motoring world needs a successful SAAB as an antidote to BMW and Audi. Sort of like a Swedish Honda...:Search:
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    Couldn't agree more.
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    I always liked Saab and hope they rise again.
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    Me too, I'm a big fan of SAAB and feel that GM really did shaft them thoroughly. If they are allowed to design new cars without any interference then I think there's be exciting times to come. Shame about not being allowed to use the SAAB Griffin logo but not the end of the world. I almost bought a SAAB, was looking at the 2.0T (high pressure) but then decided that the 2.8T V6 was the one to go for. Such a lovely exhaust note and far more development of the engine was done by SAAB and Holden (GM sub. but still quite independently minded) so tons of it was upgraded and strengthened. MPG is poor but it could provide 90% of it's maximum torque at 1,800rpm and keep it going at max torque up to about 4,500rpm I think it was. Makes for thunderous overtaking performance.

    But, build quality of the rest of the car was concerning me, especially inside the cabin. What with the difficulty in getting parts and a local garage confirming that they are getting a lot of SAABs in with blown turbos etc put me right off. I feel that was the GM interference which caused that.

    Bring back the SAAB of old, the 99 and original 900 days :Smile:
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    I have driven a Saab 9-3 Aero Carlsson only 96 were ever made !! Boy is it rapid but I disliked the ergonomics of the car the car is clearly geared for the LHD countries and the RHD cars look like they have been converted ... Saab will need to evolve and make cars with the pace of time otherwise they will become extinct soon.

    Good news don't throw this chance again.
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    Yep good news about Saab and yep they were proper shafted by GM. but then that not why GM bought them in the first place I'm sure, don't think Saab automotive and developing that area was quite what they had in mind.
    Saab were and probably will be again good cars.
    I have a 2.0 t at the mo and it's easy to make BMWs and cruddy Audis look stupid :Smile:
    Their engines are quite good gear box not quite as good. Mine not got the GM engine it's an old Saab power unit and does the job just fine. Good 2.4 Accord would be nicer though :Smile: